BLVD House @ Naza Tower , KL

BLVD House,  the current dining trend in KL, which seems poised to be a seductive destination for food lovers and Instagrammers. So, here we go ! Gotta eat them all.. haha.. A picture with the signature classy BLVD revolving door is a must before entering the restaurant. and guess who was there? MY best-evil-friend, Matthew…


大家是不是都厌倦了一成不变的点心呢?每一家卖的都差不多,都是那几款:肠粉、流沙包、烧卖。很爱吃点心又不能吃虾子的我,每每到点心店只能点包子、蛋挞和鱼蛋。老娘的味蕾都闷慌了!就刚好被我发现这家点心实在有意思,所以来跟大家分享咯! 虾子做的点心你吃多了吧,水果为主题的点心,我倒是觉得不错哦!