Sore, the most satisfying pain : my fitness journey.

My fitness journey began in October 2014. I got sick of seeing how chubby I looked in photos and the fact that I no longer fit into my favourite clothes and most of all, I missed my waist. For those of you who have known me for a long time, you guys know and remember very…

Hokkaido Vlog 2017

I finally made it to Hokkaido 🇯🇵 ! Watch my vlogs and check out my hashtag #nicolefuxjapan on ‘s Instagram for more photos . Hope you like my videos ⭐️.


2018年年为戊戌狗年,天干地支五行都是土,年命纳音为平地木,那么在这个狗年里,十二生肖的运势会发生什么样的变化呢? 十二生肖各自的幸運色和幸運數字、幸運號碼是哪些呢?本文詳細介紹十二生肖們所屬的相關開運幸運顏色、吉祥幸運數字、以及貴人、桃花、文昌、財位、官位、吉凶方位等資料參考。