Hi ! I am Flyingindance




a pseudonym which Nicole has adopted years ago back in the MSN era has now become a name which is recognised endearingly by her fans. Behind the mantle of Flyingindance, Nicole is a full-time lecturer with a Ph.D. in Industrial Design Studies.

As a blogger,

Nicole specialises in travel, fashion, and fitness topics. She also writes about various lifestyle topics which would benefit her followers. Up till 2017, Nicole has 7 years of blogging experience, and was able to transition gracefully into social media platforms to remain relevant in this day and age.

Nicole was also a freelance model who had modelled for various brands and events. She had her fair share of walkway exposure and had bagged the title of Miss Global Beauty Pageant 2015 and Miss Mina Missy 2010.

She loves:
teaching, Chocolate, Travelling around the world, fresh juice, warm water, rain, fashion, everything in white/ purple, pretty girls, music and design

She dislikes:
rude people, indoor-smoking, pretentious friends, burps, lies, procrastination, unpleasant smell, inefficiency , traffic jam, butterflies and cockroaches


Height ♥ 161 cm Bust   36″ Waist   27″ Hips   34″
Shoe   UK6 Eye Colour   Dark Brown Shirt Size   S/M