Questions You Have About Double Eyelid Suture @ Clinic RX Bangsar

Many people go for double eyelid enhancement because they want to have double eyelids, no doubt, double eyelid makes oriental eyes look more attractive. As for me, I have always been troubled by my uneven double eyelids. Both of my eyelid’s creases are different in height, because of such double eyelids, my eyes look different sizes. I have been using double eyelid stickers for about 8 years, day in and day out, and I don’t want to go on like this. I decided to go for a double eyelid suture.

I chose the CLINIC RX because I only trust Dr. Calvin, his workmanship is top-notch. My friend is his patient, and her double eyelids are very natural and beautiful, there is no scar left.

The double eyelid suture is by far the most popular method to create a “double eyelid crease”. The double eyelid suture is a non-invasive and non-incisional method used to create natural-looking double eyelids by the insertion of a suture. The advantage of the double eyelid suture is that there is no scar left, relatively painless, minimal downtime, and fast procedure. Most importantly, it is reversible if necessary.

The fold is said to be semi-permanent which is good for 5-10 years however it has a chance to loosen after a few years and the procedure may need to be repeated. The suture is buried under the eyelid permanently. You won’t have to return to have them removed.

How is the procedure done?
1. Numbing cream is applied followed by very precise measurements to create the best-customized eyelids.
2. Markings are done at certain points. Local anaesthesia is then infused into the skin to numb the area.
3. A very fine suture is inserted into the eyelid at certain predetermined points to create a fold. The suture is secured at one end and buried within the skin.

How do you like my eyes?

Aftercare tips

1. Avoid wearing makeup and contact lenses for at least 2 weeks.
2. Avoid alcohol & smoking during the healing phase.
3. Avoid heavy exercises for at least 2 weeks.

The double eyelid suture is very safe if your doctor is a certified and experienced Aesthetician. The only part that hurts is when the doctor injects a local anesthetic into your eye area. But think of it as an injection, it is quick and hurts like an ant bite. No biggie. Recovery time varies with each individual, but on average, swelling will subside within 5 days to a week.

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