Spot the difference: a better me in 30 minutes

There are not many people I trust near my face, I considered every single detail, I waited to find the right doctor, Dr. Calvin Choo from Clinic RX.

Before I go into all the details, I just want to stress that the most important thing when it comes to any kind of cosmetic enhancement, is to make sure you are doing it for yourself. You should never feel pressured by anyone else or how other people look, it should be about how it makes you feel.

When it comes to nose reshaping, it is no longer a requirement to go under the knife for a traditional surgical nose job. There are two primary types of nose enhancement treatments include filler injection and nose thread lift, it is a quick and simple treatment over invasive surgery. For me, I will need the filler injection . I didn’t hate my nose at all, but when I became older, I just became so much more hyper-aware of everything.

I had my nose enhancement, check out the results:


I love the natural result, it is so subtle, honestly, my parents didn’t even know when I had it done at first.


If you are considering nose reshaping and think a non-surgical nose job could be a good fit for you, I got the full lowdown and all the insider details:

1. How does a non-surgical nose job work?
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler occurs naturally within the body and has an important structural using function, being responsible for the fullness and firmness of the skin. The dermal filler is injected into targeted areas to create a smooth, heightened, natural-looking effect.

2. How long does Non-surgical Rhinoplasty take?
Nose filler treatment is quick, usually taking 30 minutes to an hour. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, a non-surgical nose job will cause minimal disruption to your everyday life. You can immediately return to your day-to-day activities as the procedure requires no downtime or recovery.

3. How long does it take to recover?
After injections, you may have some swelling, bruising, or tenderness near the injection site that lasts for a couple of days.

4. Can the treatment be reversed?
Yes. An enzyme can be injected into the area where the filler was injected that will dissolve the product. It may take a few days to see results, but the treatment is completely reversible.

5. Is the treatment painful?
All injections can cause a little discomfort. The HA filler is administered with a thin needle and very little pain is experienced during the treatment- the sensation could be compared to tiny pricks or bites.

6. When can you expect to see results?
You will see results after one treatment session.

7. How long do nose fillers last?
The longevity of results varies between individuals depending on age, patient’s general health, and lifestyle. Non-surgical nose reshaping normally lasts between 12 and 18 months, after which repeat treatments may be required to maintain the amended nose profile. This procedure can give those who may be a bit nervous about altering their facial features peace of mind, as results are non-permanent and it’s up to the patient whether they return for a top-up.

8. Are there any side effects?
You should expect a little bit of bruising, swelling, and redness after the treatment and maybe even some bleeding at the injection sites. The good news is, though, that these side effects shouldn’t last long (roughly a few days).

Aftercare tips

Avoid intense heat until any swelling and redness have gone down — I’d recommend avoiding sunbathing, hot baths, and saunas. It’s also advised that you steer clear of extreme cold, so snow sports are a definite no-go.

Avoid alcohol or taking part in strenuous activities as this can increase the swelling and prolong it.

You may feel some firmness in certain areas of your nose, but this will soften within one-two weeks. Try to minimize movement as much as you can, as this will allow the area to settle.

Makeup, sunscreen, and cleansing products can be used.

Thinking about nose reshaping without any major downtime? Book a consultation today with Clinic RX (LCP Certified) @ Bangsar.

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