Should breastfeeding moms get the Covid-19 Vaccine? I am a vaccinated breastfeeding mom.

“The vaccines do not pass through breast milk, but antibodies do – providing hope that breastfed babies might have some level of protection. “, Shannon Hall. Read more here.

The Covid-19 Vaccine is recommended for everyone including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If a pregnant woman is vaccinated or breastfeeding and vaccinated, antibodies safely pass from the mom to her unborn child through placenta or through breast milk. Having antibodies suggests that infants may have some natural immunity passed on to them by their mothers, helping reduce their risk of infection or severity of the virus. Read more here.

Watch my vlog here to witness my first vaccination process šŸ˜

Finally got my 2nd dose appointment and I am fully vaccinated! I am glad I am making up part of the community that is helping to curb this crazy virus.

Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine is a personal choice. You make your choice, I made mine.

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