KINDEE – New Organic Baby Skincare Brand in Malaysia

When choosing products for my children, I take the same deliberation as I would when choosing products for myself. I would consider if the products I choose for my children are something I would use for myself. For me, I would usually go for organic and all natural options, and with that in mind I will choose the same for my children as well.

Organic products are always the safest bet when it comes to choosing a product for your baby. They are less likely to cause allergic reactions, and are also light on the baby’s body. Especially since they are so young, you wouldn’t want to wear their skin off with too much chemicals.

As for me, I am fortunate that my Baby Dino herself is a picky user when it comes to skincare products too. Ever since I bought Kindee which was only available in Thailand previously, Baby Dino herself had insisted to only use Kindee products or none at all! I would say this is one good step in inculcating good product selection habits in my daughter, but that could just be me overthinking things.

I am so glad that KINDEE has now been brought into Malaysia , and there is no need for me to stock up on them anymore when I am in Thailand, especially with this pandemic we won’t see ourselves travelling for a while.

So, what is KINDEE?

KINDEE is a 100% organic and natural brand which is hypoallergenic, widely used in countries like Japan and Thailand. They have now arrived in Malaysia and they are definitely a big contender in the organic baby skincare market.

They have a wide range of products which includes skincare, oral care, sanitizers, and Mosquito repellents. Personally, their skin care and oral care were what made me stock up on their products while I was in Thailand. Baby Dino is a big fan of their toothpaste!

I have recently been stocking up on their sanitizers and mosquito repellents too to protect my family from this pandemic and also from mosquitos which may have a risk for dengue. Unlike commercial sanitizers, their sanitizers have a pleasant orange scent and are suitable for direct contact use for children above 6 months old.

Overall, I feel safer using their products due to the fact that they are 100% Natural and Organic which is good for my children’s skin. Most importantly, Baby Dino loves them too!

I would love to have my readers try out Kindee for their children and family too! For anyone who would like to purchase KINDEE products, you can now get 10% discount off any purchase on their Official Store on Shopee if you use my exclusive Shopee Promo Code: KINDFLY10

Buy KINDEE from their official store here:

Promo code is valid until 31st August only so hurry up and try out Kindee for your kids today! They will definitely love it!

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