What I love the most @ Esther Postpartum Care

What I love and miss the most about Esther Postpartum Care : their breakfast, lunch, tea , dinner and supper ! Well, I am a foodie 🙂 their authentic Taiwanese confinement meal from Quisine 蕴后膳 was both nutritious and delicious . Before I share the saliva-drooling photos, let me also tell you what other things I like about Esther Postpartum Care.

1. Breastfeeding support
Breast engorgement can be painful and make breastfeeding difficult, the nurses here are experienced, they provide helpful massage technique, causes and tips for relief. The nurse visited me from time to time to ensure I am in good condition.

Besides, you may opt to co-sleep with your baby at night so that you can breastfeed your baby. If you would like to have a good night sleep, they encourage you to extract your breastmilk and they will bottle-feed your baby.

2. Family friendly
If you have another child , they welcome you to stay in with your child. This is good as I miss my daughter all the time, and I do not want my daughter to think that I don’t love her anymore. Of course, daddy can stay with us too !


There is also a play room for your elder children to spend time together, my daughter loves the toys and books here very much.

3. One-stop concept
I checked-in Esther Postpartum Care almost empty handed ! I was told by the person in charge that they provide everything, for example, your outfit, breast feeding pillow, breast pump, milk powder, baby’s outfit, baby’s cream, wet tissue, blanket and diaper. I brought my personal inner wear , breast pad and disposable panty , that’s all !

4. Professional nursery
You can monitor your baby anytime from your smart phone whenever you miss your baby.

They monitor the baby 3 times a day , checking the jaundice reading, recording the weight and temperature too. The nurse also checked my blood pressure and temperature everyday.

5. Baby’s blanket from Flybyfly

Flybyfly is known for creating the best baby blankets on the market. Made from the highest quality textiles, these super soft baby blankets provide comfort that soothes and calms baby for a restful sleep.

Their signature blend of innovative design, minimalist graphic prints, on-trend color palettes, and ultra soft fabrics combine to create top-of-the-line plush baby products .

Flybyfly’s best seller – night light bear, beanie and blanket

Not only my son loves Flybyfly, my elder daughter sleeps better in their best seller pillow and bolster set too.

Flybyfly Malaysia ‘s mission is to bring joy, happiness and inspiration to babies and families by providing them with products and services embody love.

My daughter loves their Popo classic bear rocker so much! Besides the premium material, they have very good after-sale customer service too! Their team always provide a helping hand where it is needed, they always respond to customers enquiries promptly. Be it day or night. No joke.

If you love Flybyfly as much as I do, check out their stock availability on their website flybyfly.com.my or Instagram Flybyfly_malaysia.

They have a retail shop where you can experience and feel their product materials, it is super soft and fluffy.

6. Taiwanese confinement meals from Quisine 蕴后膳
Their meals are planned according to your postpartum body needs from Day 1 to Day 28. What you need is good confinement food cooked with natural & nutritious ingredients. 100% pure double-boiled herbal soup, nourishing tea & dessert. It is important that mother eat a balanced diet so that your baby will get the right nutrients for growth and development.

Besides, certain confinement recipes are used particularly for breastfeeding mothers for lactation and breast milk boosting purposes. Examples are papaya soup and fish soup.

Drinking plenty of fluids is crucial to generate sufficient breast milk for the new-born. At Esther Postpartum Care, Red Dates beverage is refillable throughout the day.

unlimited refill beverages, they have different menu everyday
Tea time : red bean soup + fresh fruits
Dinner comes with soup

They provide personal cutlery set for hygiene purposes and you may bring home when you check out.

Exclusive Tableware
love this Lactation Milk Booster Tea

If you are a foodie and love Taiwanese confinement meals like me, Esther Postpartum Care ‘d be your first choice !

For enquiry :
Esther Postpartum Care Damansara Perdana Outlet

Address : Qliq Damansara , 2 Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Number : 03- 2181 5995
Email address : estherpostpartum@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/estherpostpartumcare
Website: estherpostpartumcare.com
Instagram : Esther Post Partum Care

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