Confinement Center or Confinement Lady?

This is a common question for all mommies, confinement center or confinement lady ?

Confinement after giving birth is a common practice in Malaysia, and there are 2 ways that Malaysian families practice : a center or a confinement lady. I have experienced both, let me share my two cents here.

If you are considering the confinement center, first ask yourself the questions below , if your answer is a YES to all of the below, confinement center will be a good choice for you.

  1. sufficient budget allocation
  2. you have more than 1 child
  3. you have no helper at home
  4. you do not have extra room for the confinement lady

Consideration on choosing a confinement center

I chose Esther Post Partum Care for my confinement during MCO 2021, here are my reasons (and possibly be yours) :

1.Taiwanese Confinement Diet from Quisine 蕴后膳

I love Taiwanese cuisine very much, I don’t quite prefer the westernized meals. At Esther Post Partum Care, they have dieticians, nutritionists and doctors all work together to ensure moms have a proper diet made from appropriate ingredients. The food diet is important to provide essential nutrition that ensure the quality of breast milk and it would affect the health of your baby.

Meals prep by Quisine 蕴后膳

2. Care around the clock

At Esther Post Partum Care , mothers get to rest as much as they can and focus on recovering because there are nurses on call shift to take care of your babies.

nurses are here 24 hours
I can watch my baby from my room anytime.

3. Security (Covid-19 measure)

Esther Post Partum Care takes precautionary measures to reduce the risk of getting infected, they do not allow visitors during MCO, CMCO or RMCO.

During the Covid-19 period, Esther Postpartum Care uses UV light disinfection for the baby room every day.

4. Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is not easy, mothers need a tremendous amount of support as we learn to breastfeed our babies. Esther Post Partum Care provides lactation experts helping mothers with their breastfeeding problems along the way. They have a breastfeeding supporting group to share the knowledge and experience to all mothers when you go home, you can happily breastfeeding your babies at ease.

Breastfeeding support workshop
Haenim 7x breastpump and Uv Steriliser available
freezer for breastmilk storage

5. Staff and education

Staffs in Esther Post Partum Care are experienced and trained to support mommies. There are a professional consultant team such as nutritionist or obstetrician to provide professional guidance to mommies. Culinary chef specializing in Taiwanese confinement meal is a huge plus.

……………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………….

I also shared my stay at Esther Postpartum Care on my Instagram, you may watch it here :

Now you know why I choose Esther Post Partum Care and I hope this sharing clarifies your concerns.

For more information, you can check out Esther Post Partum Care via :
Instagram : Esther Post Partum Care
Facebook : Esther Postpartum Care – Confinement Center 伊詩特產後護理之家
Phone number : 013-335 1295
Website :

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