Baby T-Rex’s first photoshoot: tips on selecting a good new-born photographer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new-born stage is unique and filled with enchantment and love. It’s momentary and passes by very quickly than you will imagine. Hence, it becomes very important for you to choose your new-born photographer and get your photoshoot scheduled well on time. I would suggest mommies to book your photographer by 30th week of your pregnancy to secure your favourite photographer and photoshoot theme.

Since every photographer is different, you must ask questions while you are exploring your choices, my point in this blog is to impart some significant bits of knowledge based on my daughter’s first photoshoot experience. Honestly, it was a last-minute decision for my daughter’s photoshoot 2 years ago, I booked the photographer on day 11th and did the photoshoot on day 12th which is kind of rushed and unprepared.

For your information, a new-born baby photoshoot should be done in between 5 to 14 days old, because they are far sleepier, relax and flexible, which means the photographer can safely handle your baby into those cute and dreamy poses. After 14 days, you will find your baby starts to become more alert and spends longer with their eyes open exploring the world around them. That’s why, it is advisable to have the photoshoot done in the first two weeks for the dreamy and sleepy shots.

I opt to hire a professional photographer from @littlecheeksnewborn to make this experience an enjoyable and stress-free one for the both of us. I would love to share with you some tips and ideas to help you create beautiful images of your new baby.

  1. Remember that you just had a baby!

Communicate with the photographer on their themes and time needed to complete the photoshoot so that mother get enough rest and recover from the childbirth experience.

  1. Productive photo session.

Keep baby happy – Jason , an experienced photographer from @littlecheeksnewborn provides clean and sanitized photoshoot props to ensure the baby is safe and free from germs. In addition, he kept Baby T-Rex happy and snoozing with the “sound sleeper” while shooting. The entire shooting was a smooth and relax one.

  1. Full belly is the key!

The third trick probably goes without saying but make sure baby has a nice, full belly and is not hungry during your shoot.

  1. Keep that baby safe.

Baby’s safety is the number 1 priority. @littlecheeksnewborn photography style is simple and organic with more natural posing, Jason captured those sweet little details that make my baby unique! That little upturned nose, his rosebud lips, his crinkly chin, are all things that I will not want to forget as my baby grows.

I know it is natural to feel stress, anxiety and worry having the new-born photoshoot done during the Covid-19 pandemic, below are ways that you can help yourself before the photoshoot.

  1. Choose to do it at your home instead of the photo studio

To avoid the exposure of you and your family to unknown risks. The reason I chose @littlecheeksnewborn because only 1 photographer is allowed for each photoshoot session to practice social distancing.

  1. Check the photographer’s Covid-19 Risk Status

Using the MySejahtera app, go to his/ her Profile, ensure the screen shows “Low Risk No Symptom”.

  1. The SOPs

Little Cheeks Newborn’s make sure the photographer’s temperature is below 37 degree Celsius before entering your house. Mask and glove on throughout the photo session. All props and equipment are sanitised before the session (they allow you to sanitise again at your house if needed).

How do you like Baby T-Rex’s first photoshoot? For me, it’s 10 out of 10. In case you are expecting a baby, or looking for a good photography session for your new-born baby or family portrait , here are the details :

Instagram: @littlecheeksnewborn


Contact number: 012 – 980 0880

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