Awesome Gift Idea for Organic Lovers : The 100% Organic Bird’s Nest @Golden Bird’s Nest.

There has been a rising demand for organic products all-around, and this has brought about a variety of organic gift ideas for organic enthusiasts. Natural and eco-friendly gifts are well known for being unique and clever, considering they aid in lowering the carbon footprint and can encourage other people to change their habits for the better.

More people are opting for the organic lifestyle in terms of the everyday products they utilize, the clothes they buy, and particularly the food they eat. So, my bestie just delivered her second baby. I was thinking of getting something special for her. She is an organic enthusiast, so when buying gifts for a loved one who is part of the organic movement, I have to ensure I go for items that are naturally grown and devoid of chemicals. I found this organic bird’s nests that makes a perfect gift for new mothers.

Golden Bird’s Nest started off from homemade bottling which they only provide high quality and hygienic products that are of premium taste and freshness. The essence from each bottle is AAA-grade bird’s nest, sourced from a local birdhouse in Rompin, Pahang.

The organic bird’s nest uses only three ingredients: pure organic birds nest, organic cane sugar and RO water. They are made with 100% natural ingredients with no bleaching of birds nest, no preservatives, no coloring and no additives. What I like the most about Golden Bird’s Nest drink is the natural sweeteners from the organic sugar cane, with the sugar level as low as 5% as compared to the commercial products (at 8%). Golden Bird’s Nest is suitable for women with gestational diabetes. I used to have gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my Baby Dino. I was told not to take any of the commercial bird nests (those ready made bird nests are usually very sweet) as it will affect me and my baby.

See? Pieces of bird’s nest that are visible to the eye! This homemade bird’s nest consists of 80% of birds nest to 20% of water to achieve a 100% natural final product. You can taste the strands of bird’s nest in every slurp.

If you are curating a premium gift for your loved one, this is one of the best gifts. It is halal certified too.

Try it for yourself today !

Good news: you can use my code GBNXDRNICOLE to get Golden Bird’s Nest Beauty of Six (6 bottles x 70 ml) and twin pack (2 bottles x 70 ml) at 20% off.

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