Celebrating Life’s Milestone: Our first professional family portraits πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

All too often we forget about our past because we are so busy building our future. Children grow up too fast! In the blink of an eye, Baby Dinosaur is walking while holding on to furniture now. Gone are the days of the rollover and sitting up. I had tried the tummy time shot with Baby Dinosaur recently, but whenever I put her on my tummy, she turns around, sits up and stand again. Baby Dino is simply not interested to go back to where she was before. I regret that I did not take many photos with her celebrating every special milestone in her first year. I was too busy recuperating from Cesarean for the first six months, keeping up with my work and publication later on πŸ˜”.

We may not want to admit it but the make-up of the family can change without warning and loved ones may pass on. There’s no reason to squander the opportunity to capture life together now. Hence, I have decided to have a portrait of the family done each year. It is a great way to document growth and celebrate life’s milestones; it is also a sweet reminder of life together.

Research and preparation
First thing’s first! How to select the best studio for my first family photoshoot? The criteria:
1. The quality of the photography – it has to be unique, innovative and shows the best craftsmanship in terms of light and composition.
2. Getting the best expression and emotion from us, especially from Baby Dinosaur.
3. Bespoke service, as I hope my family portrait is different from others.
4. Studio location and facilities – it has to be parking friendly, the studio must be clean and air-conditioned.

In the process of “photo studio hunting”, I came across Lovebirds.my_photography‘s Instagram TV.

I had instanly fell in love with their innovative photography as they invested so much time and effort in customizing the backdrop for every single customer. Every theme is tailored according to customer’s requirement. There is no repetition of the backdrop at all! After two rounds of discussion with Ms Wenny (a female photographer), I have decided to engage them because she is very friendly and professional.

The next thing is: what should we wear? All we have to do is to prepare a carrot-bunny outfit for Baby Dino, and white- pink outfit for the parents. The idea is that all the family members should look coordinated to convey a feeling of togetherness. This does not mean we have to be dressed in identical clothes. Wenny also reminded me to bring along Baby Dino’s favourite food and toy to the photoshoot. They will help her feel more secure. Besides that, Wenny respects the natural rhythm of Baby Dino. She schedules the session around Baby Dino’s routines so that she is not hungry and tired. I am really glad that Wenny advised me on this.

On the day
The studio is easy to locate, and there is plenty of parking nearby. The studio is clean and tidy as well.

We started the photoshoot right as we arrived, Baby Dino was feeling uncomfortable with the new environment at first and she was cranky and crying her heart out. However, Wenny and her assistant managed to calm her down quickly. Wenny guided us on how to pose, where to stand and so on. The entire photoshoot took us only 1.5 hours.

Finally, our first family portraits are ready!
Family photos are meant to last for a long time and I would love to show it to my grandkids. We are very happy with the family portraits because the editing is so natural and timeless. They will look good even twenty years down the line.

Seize the moment! Don’t ever reach a point in life where you look back, wondering why didn’t you take the time to have family portraits captured. Don’t make excuses or put it off any longer. You can’t go back in time for a redo, so avoid setting yourself up for an β€œI wish” situation.

Lovebirds.my Photography is located at:
Kota Damansara
address : no 57 – level 2Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For more info :
Instagram:Β @lovebirds.my photography
WhatsApp booking : goo.gl/KcTHo2
Waze : Lovebirds Photography

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