OMG My husband got eyebrow embroidery !

A perfect set of brows speaks louder than words. Never underestimate the power of an eyebrows because your brows introduce you before you speak.

According to studies eyebrows are more vital to facial recognition than eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so a pair of bold eyebrows will help focus attention on your eyes.

The typical questions about eyebrow embroidery would be “Is it painful?” “Will I look unnatural?” “What if the outcome is ugly?” “Worry of getting the thick caterpillar or Angry Bird eyebrows?”

The answer for the questions above is “NO”. Thankfully my husband met Christy from E Image Aesthetic to give him the perfect eyebrows and make him look natural at all time.

The whole consultation process feels more like a conversation rather than a brow artist-customer connection. Feel free to ask questions that you might have and don’t feel pressured asking question which you may think it’s stupid.

Christy is experienced, using her professional eyes to make sure the brows she has designed for my husband subscribe to the most flattering option yet creating a youthful look. She is also professional in mapping the brows to fit his face shape. She used an eyebrow pencil to draw the brows and able to show the results minutes later. Adjustment can be made on the thickness, width and length of the brows until both Christy and my husband feel comfortable with how the result is. With that, the consultation is done and followed with the brow embroidery.

Christy will apply the numbing cream prior to the procedure. Bear in mind that there will be a minimal pain which is bearable once the effect of the numbing cream rubs off as time pass.

There is also one free session touch up provided in the eyebrow embroidery package. The touch up session is important after the brow embroidery especially when the dead skin started to peel off and certain part of the brows start to fade over time. The best time to do your touch up is 2 months later to ensure the skin on the eyebrow has fully recovered.

Here is the before and after eyebrows!!!
You can see his eyebrows are really in a mess at first and it is now neater after the eyebrow embroidery process. There was also not much redness as you can see too.




Many thanks to E Image Aesthetic in providing my husband a pair of natural, presentable and beautiful eyebrows. To all my guys reader, do not hesitate to make a change to be presentable and be more confident in life. 新年前赶紧把眉毛给搞起来!

E Image Aesthetic are located at:
address : 46-1, Jalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
phone : 0380635669/ 0129556976

Solaris Mont Kiara
address : 16-1, jalan solaris 5, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
phone :0362065669/ 0125251228

For more info :
Instagram: @eimageaesthetic @eimagesolaris Facebook

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