Baby Dinosaur’s 100 days celebration

The birth of a child is always a wondrous one. And we definitely can’t wait to show them off to our family and friends.

In the Chinese custom, full moon celebrations are a norm and a necessity; it marks the end of a new mom’s confinement period while introducing the baby formally to extended family and friends. But , are these celebrations becoming passe? instead of full month parties, we are witnessing many more 100 days baby celebration – and they are certainly lit !

So, hubby and I decided to hold a 100th days celebration for our beloved Baby Dinosaur because we felt to organize a full moon party at the one-month mark is a little too soon. And why 100 days baby celebration instead of full moon party?

1. More time for me to regain my health and get back in shape
2. there are less things to worry about as compared to in the initial first month stage.
3. of course that means having more time to plan an ideal party
4. and most importantly, in three months, Baby Dinosaur will be more developed and less fragile. She would have built up stronger immunity too.

This time, as usual, we didn’t engage any event planner . We love doing it ourselves and we had to pinch pennies to make sure Baby Dinosaur gets what she needs in the near future. If you are hosting a dinosaur-themed party (for a girl), you may want to know how we did it :

Beautiful dessert table that can’t be missed⬇️

pastries from RT Pastry, cakes from French Cruller

Guests were also treated to the dinosaur-themed sweet gift packages.

pink dinosaur paper bag from Lazada
Dino eggs (grapes) prepared by Baby Dinosaur ‘s Kaima aka my laopo – Lip Jeen. Thank you kaima 💋
gifts for the children – dinosaur theme paper bag from TaoBao
DIY dinosaur toothpicks (Dinosaur foam stickers from Mr DIY)
marble and pink bling bling photo frames from Mr DIY
Pastel Theme Balloons from Rachel Balloon
Dinosaur theme Paper Straw from Shoppee

the Dinosaur parade.

And now, let me show you our beloved guests. They were all dressed in white following dress code given, thanks for coming despite the fact that traveling is not always easy for you. It was an incredible afternoon full of fun that my family remember forever. I’m so glad all of you could be there and be part of the festivities. Seeing you there was great.

my bffs Jolin & Lipjeen
Allison & her cute daughter
my goddess Germaine
laopo & Ian, Jolin & us
Kylie & her family
Sara & boy friend
Frennee & her husband Sam
the CHF
Happy kaima with her kailui
babe Stephanie
my extended family
my beloved family
my beloved family

Here comes the main character (drum roll 🥁) – Baby Dinosaur

my number one love
before she fell asleep

and now, The Giam Family.

the end 😊 I still can’t believe she is already turning four months next week. Mommy loves you Baby Dinosaur, you are precious in every way, the sunshine in my day ; the joy in my soul and the love of my life.

I also hope this editorial helps those who is planning on having a dinosaur-themed party. Happy planning.

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