Three Essential Baby Items by Koopers

Previously, I have touched on 3 awesome products in my Baby Dino birthday checklist . This time around. I would like to give a more in-depth review of the products on why I have included them and how they are going to help make life easy for Baby Dino and I. I’ve visited one of their retail stores to test out the products and you can check out my stories here , to learn more about my hands-on experience.


The Mini XS by Easywalker is the perfect travel stroller for Baby Dino and I. I really love the specs which is well suited for a constant traveller like me. I will definitely be inculcating this trait into Baby Dino and will definitely bring her along for my travels, so a great stroller is definitely needed. The stroller is one of the only strollers to be able to accommodate newborns up to 20kg! This means that we will be able to use it for quite some time.

Aside from being so sturdy, I am impressed with how portable and lightweight it is. The stroller is foldable with just one hand and can be easily kept in flight cabins or the boot of the car seat. This is an important feature for any travelling mommies out there.

As I’ve mentioned before, safety is a priority in choosing my products. This stroller is really safe with a 5 point harness, padded shoulder protectors and crotch strap to ensure that the baby is safely strapped inside.

On top of all that safety functions, the stroller also ensures that there is maximum comfort for the baby. It has a fully recline angle of 175°, a well-padded cushion seating, and a headrest to ensure the most comfortable sitting or lying down position for Baby Dino!
There is even a peek-a-boo window in the back of canopy for me to check on Baby Dino’s safety when we are having a walk!

Besides all this, I love how it is very easy to manoeuvre as it has ball bearing wheels and it even has a centralised pedal link brake system!

It is also equipped with a rain cover which helps protect Baby Dino when it suddenly pours outside when we are having a stroll.

photo credit : Koopers Malaysia

For the full details of its specs, you may refer here.

A good car-seat is really important for my family as we often drive around. I was really impressed with the Nado 03 for its many features and its ease of installing, checking, and fitting in the car! I also like how I will be able to use it until Baby Dino is 4 years old so there is a lot of value here. The first thing that really got my attention was how it incorporates an intelligent system that has zero error capability to ensure correct travel position of the seat preventing it from staying in the child loading position, correct installation of the ISOFIX connectors and the leg support!

Just like the stroller, the Nado O3 also comes with a 5 point harness and many other safety features such as side impact protection system and also a 360 degrees rotation system. This ensures that we load the baby properly in the car before we start driving. Also, with a rotation system, it will allow me to put Baby Dino on and off the seat more safely as it allows us to rotate the seat to face us when we are loading the baby and buckling the seat for her.


The seat has been German ADAC tested and European Safety Standard R129 approved, which means that it has the safety standards that a convertible car seat should have! Not to mention how stylish it looks, so Baby Dino will not only be safe but travel in style as well 😛

See the full specs here!


I’ve been looking a lot on Baby bottles online and I am surprised to see just how much features which can be found in a baby bottle which may seem subtle, but have a lot of practical functions. The Umee PPSU by Koopers is one such bottle. At one glance, it may seem like just any other bottles, but you will find that the bottle while transparent, is a bit darker than the usual bottles you find in the market. This allows us to determine the amount of milk left in the bottle even at night.

Check out the comparison between Umee and other brand. Umee makes reading easier at night.

The bottles teat also contains a unique air vent which allows for a steady flow of liquid released based on the baby’s suckle.

This is really important as it allows for safe feeding and prevents choking. The bottle also has an insulator which helps to maintain the temperature of the milk longer which allows for a healthy feeding experience for the baby.

It is also very ergonomic, allowing for easier hold of the bottle while feeding and a wide neck which allows for easier cleaning of the inside too.
You can read more about the product here!

All these items are from Koopers and can be bought online from Motherhood, PG Mall, Lazada, Shopee and all retailers mentioned here. They will also be available during the TCE Baby Expo this year so do check them out then.

for more details, you may also check out their official Instagram page:


I hope this post will help any new moms out there when choosing some essential baby products for your newborn. For any experienced moms, feel free to leave a comment or drop me a PM to share your pregnancy experiences 😀

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