Your baby can save your life! Protection for family: Cord Blood Banking with CryoCord.

Right now I am just a bundle of emotions – feeling both joy and anxiety at the same time. In just around a month’s time, Baby Dino will be expected to pop out soon. I’ve been doing a lot of research about pregnancy and its potential risk posed to both mother and baby.

photo credit : Nicky Chai

Health is indeed something which should not be neglected and I have read up on countermeasures for all mother-baby related issues. I’ve read a lot about stem cells and realised its importance that even a tiny amount of frozen blood is potentially life-saving for you and your family.


In 2002, a six-month-old baby’s cord blood was used to stop her mother’s leukemia. Patricia Durante discovered that she was suffering from acute myloid leukemia when she was 26 weeks pregnant with her first child. Doctor decided to infuse her with her daughter’s cord blood, which had been frozen soon after birth. The daughter’s cord blood identified the leukemia in her mother as foreign and attacked it, stucked to her bone marrow and began rebuilding her blood system. Seven months after the infusion, Patrizia was in complete remission.

Through my research, I was able to find a trustworthy and prestigious stem cell bank In Malaysia called CryoCord. They have received several awards and accreditation for their excellence in service and facilities. Interested in what they had to offer, I took a trip to their lab to inquire further about stem cells and how it would benefit me. The visit to their laboratory was an eye-opener! I have never seen a place so clean, systematic, and professional with many amenities available.

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photo credit : CryoCord Malaysia

The staff were very friendly and ensured that I understand the entire process which makes me feel safe for Baby Dino’s future should there be a need for stem cell treatment. I am really impressed as well with the responsiveness of the agents in answering to my every question on Instagram and WhatsApp 😀

These are the questions I had for them which I hope will shed some light on stem cell extraction and banking for mommies out there who are interested to learn more:

a. How long can the cells be stored?
There is no limit as to how long they can be stored, as long as the cells are stored in a proper environment under the right temperature.

b. When to perform the collection?
Right after the baby is born. The procedure usually takes 2-5 minutes.

photo credit : CryoCord Malaysia

c. Will the hospital know how to perform the collection?
The collection process is simple and can be performed by any doctor of nurse. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem. You may also inform your agent on which hospital you plan to go, they will advise on this.

d. What if I forgot to bring the collection kit?
Call the agent, and tell them your name. They will attend to you shortly.

e. What if the cord blood collected is insufficient?
CryoCord will definitely inform the client and let them decide whether they want to proceed for storing their child’s cord blood. Otherwise it will be fully refunded.

CryoCord’s laboratory holds a clean-room environment, which is certified for medical testing and ISO 14644 Class 5 (class 100), that greatly reduces the chance of contamination during stem cell processing. Their state-of-the-art laboratory is what really ensured my trust in them along with the several value-added programs which add to the security of stem cells that are stored with CryoCord and also the coverages provided should there be any problems encountered in the process.

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photo credit : CryoCord Malaysia

After inquiring, I’ve decided to take up the basic Cord Blood Plan. The basic plan covers the storage of the cord blood which is vital for treating various diseases and conditions, such as leukemia as mentioned earlier. You can read about the list of diseases and conditions treatable by cord blood here. Cord blood is the blood that remains in the veins of newborn’s umbilical cord following birth. It contains valuable stem cells, predominantly Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) which has the potential to generate blood cells and cells of the human immune system. There is also a premium plan which stores the MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) which has an even higher potential for the treatment of diseases including heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

The basic plan which I am subscribed to cost only RM280 per year for storage. The premium plan which includes the storage of MSCs is just slightly higher at RM700 per year. The price is really affordable for something which is able to potentially save our life one day.

For those who are interested, you may contact my agent – Li Yann 016 920 2015, and she will gladly assist you with any inquiries and also on the next steps.

There is only once in a lifetime opportunity to collect the baby’s stem cells, which is at the time of birth. Otherwise, these valuable stem cells are discarded as medical waste. I have stored mine, how about you?

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