A simple guide to healthy and beautiful skin

Hi guys! I would love to tell you about my secret to a healthy and beautiful skin which has worked wonders for me over the past three weeks.

Have a busy schedule? No time to take care of your skin? Me too! But I have found a workaround behind this with just 2 simple steps (and one more BONUS tip at the end!).

1 – Cleanse your face with the right cleanser

This may seem very obvious but it’s actually the most important step. It is important to pick a cleanser which is suitable for you. If you have been following my Instagram posts, you will know that I have been using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is really different from the other cleansers I have tried before! The best part about this cleanser is that it can be used by any skin types, so that makes it an easy choice for anyone who is in a dilemma. Plus point is that it is trusted by dermatologists so it is definitely a cleanser that you all can try.


You will immediately feel the difference when you are applying it as it does not foam at all. Weird at first, but you’ll get used to it eventually. It’s almost like apply lotion. It is soap-free and fragrance free which makes it feel really light on the skin; great for anyone with irritable skin.


After washing, my skin does not feel tight and dry, but rather I feel that my face is clean, soft and well hydrated. This is due to it being soap-free, so it does not remove the natural oils on our face which keeps it from drying out. Cleansers that contains soap usually produces foam which overdries and is too harsh on the skin. For someone who is always in an air cond room, I need to ensure my skin does not dry out so easily, or worse, cause my makeup to flake!

I cleanse my face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before I go to sleep. Sometimes when I am lazy, I’ve used this cleanser to remove my light makeup. It works! But of course, if you have waterproof mascara, etc, I would recommend using makeup remover before cleansing.

2 – Moisturise


I can’t emphasise enough on the importance of moisturising especially in our country where it is usually sunny. Yes, it’s humid and you’ll probably sweat. But sweat is the culprit too! It really dries out your skin without you know. Hence, moisturising is important.  What I normally do is, after cleansing, I apply a layer of moisturiser and let it do its work for you throughout the day.

BONUS TIP – Put on sunscreen


This is something I usually do before leaving home in the morning. Also being a frequent traveller and having the combination skin type, I tend to get dry patches on my skin after being exposed to the sun for a while. This is important to protect our skin from harmful rays, especially when we go out for our lunch hours.

So that’s it! Isn’t it simple? Just with these easy steps, we are able to achieve a healthy and beautiful skin.  If you are looking to buy the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, they are available in most pharmacies such as Guardian and Watsons. You can purchase them from the link below too!



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