A luxe pink dinosaur theme baby shower fit for a future little princess @imbabydinosaur

Welcome to @imbabydinosaur ‘s baby shower cum gender reveal party. Yes, it’s a girl !

First and foremost, what is a baby shower? Malaysians seldom throw a baby shower for an expectant loved one because we often celebrate baby’s full moon over a baby shower. Baby shower is an event celebrating the arrival of a new baby, catching up with loved ones, exchange advices, share a laugh and bonding. All in celebration and anticipation of that growing bump to which friends and relatives bring gifts for the child.

It was about a month ago, my best friends and I were talking about hosting a baby shower for @imbabydinosaur . Lip Jeen, the god mother of @imbabydinosaur had been given the solemn duty of hosting a unique baby shower with a dinosaur theme. The pressure is on, but with the help of Sara and Hui Ying, we managed to create an unforgettable baby shower that may just overshadow the newborn’s arrival!

We were inspired by the photo below to create a feminine and fresh baby shower, revealing the gender of @imbabydinosaur .


Come and check out our very own pink dinosaur theme baby shower below. I am going to share with you some of the details and fun experiences from my own baby shower, and answer questions that you may have in the planning process.

You will learn the answers to questions like,

  1. when to have your baby shower?
  2. who should throw your baby shower?
  3. how should I decorate for my baby shower?
  4. consider your budget?
  5. and more!


In general, most mothers have their baby showers some time during the third trimester, which is the end of 7th month of pregnancy. This is because mamas are still feeling relatively comfortable, and the bump is really showing. While some mamas do host their own showers, traditionally someone will throw your baby shower for you. It could be a family member or a close female friend. Even though someone else is officially hosting your shower, the expectant mothers is often still very involved in the planning process. (reference)

Guests were greeted with the cutest invitation card on arrival. Designed by me, the little dinosaur is accompanied by the unicorn because unicorn is a mythical creature that is believed to be beautiful, innocent and possesses many unknown powers. I hope @imbabydinosaur will be lucky enough to grow up with sincere and kind friends just like her mother.

If you are designing your own baby shower invitation, you may choose to include the baby’s gender so that guests can choose gender specific gifts if they’d like.
thank you Wincen for helping on the invitation card printing.

Here you go with the details of the baby shower decorating ideas and budgets.

1.Dinosaur balloon from Lazada, RM20 for 10.
2. Fresh flowers from Weng Hoa Flower Boutique Sdn. Bhd, RM 100.
3. Mixed colours helium balloons from Jaya One, RM90.
4. Food and beverages, +-RM400.

We had a hard time choosing where we would set up base for the girly baby shower. We finally decided on the pinkish cafe named M********* located in Damansara Uptown for our guests to sip on their bubbly juices and enjoy the delicious Granola and Fuel bowls. This cafe is a great place for a girly theme.

We have decided on a tea party, instead of pastry and tea, we opted the healthier way.

The Granola and Fuel bowls were really awesome, however my guests said that the fruit juice was quite diluted. The reason why the name of the cafe was not mentioned here because there were some hiccups during and post event.

It was a very bad experience and I would like to share with my readers, if you plan to throw a party here, think twice.

Before the event, we went to the cafe to make a reservation in which we have confirmed the number of guests and the lady boss offered us a room for the baby shower – we were delighted. Then, we proceeded with the menu. The next day, I had informed my guests to choose what they like to have for their Granola and Fuel bowls, along with the drinks. The list was then sent to the lady boss few days before the event but we were told to “standardized” the drinks and food (they will prepare a yogurt bowl and same juice for all) , her reason was “it will be easier for my staff to prepare for the event”. However, we insisted to let our guests choose what they like and she agreed with it.

During the decoration, Sara, Teiksheng and I want to keep things vibrant and fun. In order to have the balloons float in the middle of the table without blocking the view of guests, we opted for the fishing line instead of the ordinary ribbon. The nightmare began when the fishing line went distorted and tangled (no wonder they use the ribbon). We tried our best to untangle the lines, but we couldn’t. We asked for help, and the waitress came in unwillingly. She tried for less than a minute and left. We were helpless and decided to cut the fishing lines and tye the balloons all over again in our own way. Meanwhile I was busy decorating the table with some fresh flowers. When we were done decorating the room, we picked up the odds and ends on the floor. Then, Teik Sheng asked the waitress to help sweep the floor. BUT, the waitress passed him the broom and dustpan and asked him to sweep the floor himself, and he did it since the waitress was so unhelpful.

During the event, the entire cafe had only a table or two with customers. The staff were so free, sitting right outside our room playing with phones, chit chatting but they couldn’t be bothered even to serve us water or to clear the table.

All of our guests were so disappointed. I shared this on my Insta stories and sent it to the cafe. They apologized promptly, however, the next day they posted the photos of my baby shower without acknowledging us. Those photos were taken after the decoration (as we left the cafe to get a quick shower) and before the arrival of guests.

Seen but no reply after I informed her that the staff actually asked TeikSheng to sweep the floor.
the very next day, they shared a post of my baby shower on their IG page without acknowledging us.

Despite the poor service, my guests and I enjoyed each other’s companionship very much I would like to take this chance to thank Lip Jeen, Sara, Hui Ying, Vince, Frennee and Carie for the presents and thanks Germaine for the Ang Pao too. Check out our happy moments from the photos below ~

Thank you Ann Qi for all your photography effort

Thank you Germaine for the beautiful photos as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

for more fun moments , watch my insta stories.

dress from Miss Selfridge.

Once again, thanks for stomping by !!

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