Preparing for the birth of Baby Dinosaur!

Just in a flash, I am already in my third trimester of my pregnancy 😇. I’ve yet to update about my pregnancy journey on my blog except the Pregnancy Q&A but you can follow me on to learn more about my journey through my stories and postings. I will also be writing a blog post soon to give a more detailed update on my journey with Baby Dinosaur!

Baby Dinosaur is the Baby Bump Nickname for my baby. Cute right?

Being pregnant is a rollercoaster ride of emotions – one moment i feel really excited that I am going to become a mom and next I will feel anxiety. I will start worrying about what comes next after giving birth to Baby Dino – food and education. I think I am thinking too far! But it is definitely good to think about the future of your baby so that it will be a smooth journey for the baby (and for us moms as well!).

Buuut.. Thinking not too far in the near future, I have created a checklist to prepare for the arrival of Baby Dino. Before I even worry about the things I mention earlier, it’s more important to focus on what Baby Dino needs. For starters, I have 3 essential items which are definitely needed once Baby Dino is ready to venture out into the world! I manage to test these products out and you can check out these stories to see how I tested these products.

Item 1 : Stroller


Original Price: RM1,499.00
Discounted Price: RM1,129.00

A stroller is definitely a must have for every moms when bringing your baby out to see the world. When it comes to picking a stroller, safety and user friendly is definitely the number 1 choice. Browsing online, I have come to like this model, the EASYWALKER MINI XS UNION JACK CLASSIC. It was a love at first sight after watching this video.

What stands out for me is that it is cabin friendly! That means it can be folded and easily kept in the cabin or in the car boot whenever I am not using it.

Item 2 : Car Seat


Original Price: RM1,599.00
Discounted Price: RM1,199.00

Our child travelling in a secure environment is very important. However there are a lot of children completely exposed to great risks in case of a road accident. That is why the importance of a good car seat should not be overlooked. The Malaysian government is trying to reduce the risks. Car Seat to be mandatory in Malaysia by 2020 – Transport Minister

As a frequent traveller, this is definitely a must have when we bring Baby Dino around. I’ve got my eyes for the NADO O3 2018 EMPIRE with its many modern features which ensures that the baby is safely strapped in. The seat can be rotated in 360 degrees which helps us to get the baby in an out of the car safely. Also, it’s the first ever car seat with a rotation system with loading position warning device. The loading position warning device ensures that the seat installed correctly.

Item 3 : Car Seat


Price: RM53.90

The most important one in the list! The UMEE PPSU 160ML BOTTLE definitely caught my eye for the functions which are included to make it easy for both mommy and child during the feeding process. One simple yet thoughtful function which I really love is the colour of the bottle which is darker than the usual bottles you can find. This helps us moms to determine amount of milk left when at night. This will keep me always prepared to feed Baby Dino right at any time of the day!

All these items are from Koopers and can be bought online from MotherhoodPG Mall, Lazada, Shopee and all retailers mentioned here. They will also be available during the TCE Baby Expo this year so do check them out then.

for more details, you may also check out their official Instagram page:


For all experienced mothers out there, feel free to leave a comment or PM me to let me know what other items should I include in my checklist!

Do keep a lookout for my upcoming posts about my pregnancy updates and also my detailed review on the items mentioned above 💖.

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