IPC Shopping Centre : The Swede-est Christmas + 15th Year Anniversary Celebration

As you all know, I’ve been visiting IPC Shopping Centre this year quite often ever since their redevelopment and they also recently had the first ever on-ground 11.11 sales which I may have spent a little bit too much 😛

Now during the Christmas season, I’ve decided to visit IPC Shopping Centre again to do more year-end shopping (again) and just to unwind from my thesis a bit. When I arrived, I was greeted by this cute statue! It’s called a Tomte! Apparently it’s a popular character in Scandinavian countries, and since IPC has Swedish background, it makes sense.


The theme this year is called “The Swede-est Christmas”. So creative… “Sweden” + “Sweetest”. Get it? The decorations are also really unique and different from the ones you see from other malls. No snowmen and Santa Claus. But they do have lots of Christmas trees, wooden-like houses, and of course, the iconic wooden horses, also known as DALA horses (you’ll see this at IPC and IKEAs).

I was in time to meet the Swedish maiden and tomte!

The place is definitely lots of fun for families. There a lot of kids running around and there is an indoor slide, shaped of a Yule Goat, which are aptly decorated to reflect the Swedish Christmas mood.


There are also many fun activities for you and your family! During the weekend I went, there was also a Christmas Sling bag Workshop which was really well received by moms with their children. There are a lot of other workshop happening during weekends too. Can check it out here: http://bdj.bz/IPCChristmasNicole.



The decorations are so immersive that it feels like it’s going to snow anytime soon!

In conjunction with Christmas, IPC Shopping Centre is also celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! How time flies! I still remember back then when I used to come and lepak at IPC Shopping Centre after school because it was one of the only shopping malls around. It’s already been 15 years and I am really happy to see how much they have grown since then.

Anyway, you should definitely visit IPC Shopping Centre this Christmas season, especially this coming Saturday, 15th December! Why?        

Because on the 15th, at 15:00 (3pm) hour, IPC is having a special giveaway for shoppers. If I were you, I would station myself at the concourse from 2.30pm onwards! Heard that the giveaway is super-duper big!

But if you missed it, don’t worry. There are still a lot of fun activities happening every weekend until 1st January 2019 for you, your family and friends. Also, IPC is a nice place to hang out if you would like to immerse in the festive season! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too. Can follow my hashtag, #IPCSwedeestChristmas. 🙂

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