Bring new life to your skin with the Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Creams

When it comes to the beauty products I use, I am a fan of choosing products with the most nature elements in them. They are more gentle on the skin and have minimal to no side effects. Just when I was doing my routine online shopping for my beauty products, I received yet another surprise from THE FACE SHOP. This time around, they have sent over one of their products from their signature Yehwadam line which is the Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream!


Capsule creams are a beauty trend which are definitely not just a fad but a very practical form of design. Having your beauty products in the form of capsules is really convenient for a frequent traveller like me. I can just pack the amount of capsules needed for the trip. Like most girls, we often pack a bunch of beauty products along and this really helps lighten our baggage.

The White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream is an all-in one beauty product, lovingly made with natural Korean herbs, plants and flowers. They improve your skin from the inside out, with instant and long-term results!


Miraculous Benefits for Your Complexion

  1. Concentrated active ingredients, suspended in pearl capsules

Made from tightly-woven natural polymers, these unique pearl capsules preserve the freshness of the active ingredients by preventing oxidation or contamination.

  1. Luxurious texture for intensive care

Like pearls or jade beads used by women from the olden days, these capsules break open to a rich moisturizing cream that absorbs easily for a velvety finish.

  1. Instantly brightens skin with a natural radiance

Infused with precious ingredients like Pearl or 24K Gold, skin is instantly enveloped in a shimmering veil that glows softly.

Mix & Match your Miracle Capsule Creams!

Aside from the Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream which I have received, there are 2 other products for you to mix and match for your skincare routine. You may read more about the product information below to help you choose the right capsule creams for your skincare needs.



Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream (RM257.90/50g)


This hydrating capsule cream will let you achieve instant brightening and anti-aging effects. It has two key ingredients to accomplish this which are:

  • Snow Lotus, also known as “Emperor’s Herb”, known for its brightening and anti-aging effects.
  • Pearls, protects skin from sun damage, replenishes moisture, and resists against uneven skin tone and dullness.



Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream (RM257.90 / 50g)


This is the one I have received from THE FACE SHOP. Just the right product for me as it helps to boost your skin’s inner glow and improve the appearance of dark spots. It provides both anti-wrinkle and whitening benefits. This is achievable through 3 active ingredients which are:

  • White Ginseng, contains high levels of free amino acids, and is used to strengthen immunity. It also prevents melanin production for fairer, more luminous skin.
  • Marine Collagen, improves skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Pearls, strengthens skin’s barrier and replenishes moisture, resisting against uneven skin tone and dullness.



Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream (RM257.90 / 50g)


This capsule cream is a very luxurious product to use. It actually contains real gold and has great benefits to anti-aging and firming with the help of:

– Nokyong Collagen, a traditional Korean ingredient that improves blood circulation and reduces the signs of aging.

– Golden Silk, contains amino acids that tighten and lift facial contours.

– 24K Gold, strengthens skin elasticity and improves radiance.

How to apply capsule cream

The capsule creams are versatile and can be used as serum or a moisturizer cream. Applying it is really simple, which is after your cleansing and toning.


Firstly, crush 1-3 capsules in your palm to release the fresh active ingredients.


Crushing these capsules in your palm gives a very satisfying feeling. It’s as if you can feel the goodness exploding in your palms!


Mix evenly on your palm and massage onto face and neck.


THE FACE SHOP Protip – Mixing 2 capsules with your base makeup will provide you with a healthy glow.


The effects of the Capsule Cream are immediate and makes your skin glow and feeling refreshed after applying!



What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get them today! Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Creams are available at all THE FACE SHOP stores and online:

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