IPC Shopping Centre – Cutting-Edge Redevelopment

I have recently visited IPC Shopping Centre which is not far away from my home, and found out that they had rebranded the whole shopping centre. IPC used to be a frequent hang-out spot for me, and I was shocked to see the drastic changes it has made!


If you didn’t know, IPC is a shopping centre anchored by IKEA Damansara. And they recently had a major face-lift and there is only one word to describe their new re-design: Thoughtful. From the interior design to the practical applications, the whole shopping centre has been designed with much thought to providing the best user experience possible.


While visiting the shopping centre, I found out that they have a mobile app which I then proceeded to download on the spot because I love trying new things. I really like the app as it serves as a pocket directory, taking away the need to search for one in the shopping centre. I hate looking for the directory and usually when I get there, tons of people are using it. So, having a mobile app is a good idea.

The IPC app also updates you on the latest happenings and promotions in IPC. It has far more functions than I had expected, and there was one function in particular which really stood out. The app is able to recommend dining options to you based on the songs you listen to on Spotify! This helps to solve one of the biggest problems which we Malaysians have, which is “What to eat?”.



Firstly,  you will have to link the app with your Spotify in order for it to detect the songs you listen to. After that, it will gauge your mood based on your latest song choices and provide suggestions which will suit your palate based on your mood. If you’re wondering what does Spotify have to do with what you eat… well, the science is simple. Our human behaviour is quite predictable. We tend to listen to things that reflect our mood. So, if we’re happy, we listen to happier and mellow songs!

And here it is! The app detected my mood as “Sad”. 😦 It’s probably because of all the acoustic songs I’ve been listening to during my drive back home. They’re the best to listen to especially when you’re stuck in a bad jam.

The app recommended to try out sweet food to turn my frown upside down! Surprisingly I was craving for something light and sweet at that time.

What I really love about this is that it helps me narrow down my options, allowing for quick decision making. With this, I spent less time thinking, and more time shopping!

Family-friendly and Ergonomic Facilities

Now that I have to spend less time thinking about where to eat, I have more time to explore the shopping centre. As I had mentioned earlier, the design of the shopping centre is very thoughtful. With this rebranding, they really put a lot of effort in making sure that their facilities are family-friendly and pleasing to the eye.


Funland ! A children play-area

Newly designed food-court, aka the Foodland. My personal favourite upgrade as it now has better ventilation and brighter colours.

newly designed food-court
A neat alfresco dining area with cute Dala horse decoration
public seats

Cosy and interesting looking public seats for those who need a rest from shopping

A first-aid room which is not seen in most other shopping centres.
Beautiful washroom design with colourful tiles. They also have a dedicated kids’ toilet which is really thoughtful.
Even the waiting area outside the toilet is so fancy!

From really wide walkways to the waiting area outside of the toilets, everything is designed and built with consideration to provide users with the best possible experience, whether you are with your family, friends or when you feel like having some alone time.


Final Thoughts

IPC is truly a cutting-edge shopping center which is relevant in our current generation. If you are visiting IPC anytime soon, download their app through the links below and try it out for yourself! It will allow for easier navigation of the shopping centre and also provide you with the latest happenings in IPC! Also, if you are undecided on where to eat, just link the app to your Spotify and narrow down your options.

Apple Store: http://bdj.bz/IPCappIOS

Play Store: http://bdj.bz/IPCappAndroid


Find out more about IPC: https://www.ipc.com.my/

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