Sore, the most satisfying pain : my fitness journey.

My fitness journey began in October 2014. I got sick of seeing how chubby I looked in photos and the fact that I no longer fit into my favourite clothes and most of all, I missed my waist.

For those of you who have known me for a long time, you guys know and remember very well, that I have not always been the tiniest person in the world, I am only 5 feet tall but weighed 54kg in 2014. See the photos below.



Look at my chubby face and arms, I was always the chubby girl, like my entire life. Maybe not as a baby, but for as long as I can remember, even as a uni-student I knew I was heavy. I would stare in the mirror with disgust in my eyes, as I looked at myself. I always wished to be able to wear the sleeveless dress. As a teenager, it probably hit harder, but yet, I still didn’t do anything to change it.

I ate the same food, drank the same drinks, were in the same activities with my mates, but why was I much heavier? Should I blame the metabolism?

I want to lose weight, but I am a foodie. I am not into any slimming pills and I know there wasn’t going to be a magical pill that would make my weight melt off. So, I took up gym.

I had no idea what I was doing in the gym at the same time, I don’t have an instructor/ personal trainer, nor where to even begin, but it worked. 30 minutes a day, to you, and to myself today, that is nothing, but at that time, it was the hardest 1800 seconds of my life.

I didn’t cut out anything, I drank my favorite bubble milk tea, I ate as much as chocolate I like. I would watch the scale go down every week, every day, and that was all the motivation I needed.

This was the first photo taken after gym when I saw a little result. I lost 4kgs in less than a year.

I am not posting this for praise, I actually not a gym junkie but I love the result on my health report. I want it to be motivation for you guys, who are just starting your own fitness journey. I want to show you guys that it doesn’t happen overnight.

My fitness journey over the year :

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Working out is an essential life task – something which you can devote just part of your time everyday to improve your overall quality of life. And since your time is valuable, you can’t waste one second on a bad workout! Let me share with you my physical preparation for the #MHWHNightRun by #AIAVitalityMY this coming 22nd July. Here's 4 of my essential points which I implement to supercharge my gym sessions: 1. Avoid higher-fat meals for up to four hours before workouts 2. Saving cardio for after my weight workout 3. Stretch only after training 4. Finally, giving myself a break – You need rest to heal those sore muscles! #MHWHNightRun #AIAVitalityMY #BeBetter #NICOLEFUXFITNESS

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早安!以前的我不爱运动,觉得运动很闷很浪费时间;反而喜欢逛咖啡馆,吃蛋糕跟朋友叹下午茶。开始运动以后发现很多事情都能很开朗正面的去处理,不开心的时候更加要运动,一下子就能开心起来…… 现在只要有时间,工作旅行之余就是运动。交了爱运动的新朋友,同时也忽略了一些不爱运动旧朋友, 但是我没有后悔,因为运动真的让我变得有自信,头脑也灵活了许多,也让我能够勇敢的穿上(对我来说很性感的)运动套装。虽然体重不曾减少,但是身型却健美结实了许多,所以看起来好像瘦了,穿起衣服也比较好看!还没开始运动的朋友,看了我的分享以后希望你也能够动起来! 👚 @triumphmalaysia . . . . #teamtriumph #triumphmalaysia #triactionteam #teamtriactionmy #sportswear #sportsbra #exercise #gym #nicolefuxfitness #healthbenefits #fitnessblogger #fitnessmotivation

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It's just 4 more days to the #MHWHNightRun by #AIAVitalityMY! Are you ready to workout? Come sweat with me! One thing which I am doing right now for my final week of preparations is interval training. I start with ten to fifteen minutes of warm-up, followed by running and weight training with free weights, machines or other strength training exercises three times this week leading to the run. I also mix it up a little with some stretching, squats and mountain climbers. Finally, I end the session with a fifteen to twenty-five minutes cool-down. Watch my workout video and get ready for your final preparations! 💪🏻Gym buddy @hanlibubu . . . #MHWHNightRun #AIAVitalityMY #BeBetter #nicolefuxfitness #fitnessblogger #fitnessmotivation #healthbenefits #gym #workout #workoutmotivation #workouttime #workoutvideo

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I started my full time job last July , this also means I have lesser time to spend at the gym. I let myself add on 4kgs, but this is how I look currently.

I was 54kg back in 2014 and I am now 54kg. I had gained the weight back that I had previously lost. But, do you see the difference? I am in great shape, no flabby arms, no chubby face. I look completely “normal” with the same weight. People asking what my secret was, I have no secret, just exercise.

So girls, don’t give up, you don’t have to stop eating junk, you just have to get your body moving every day! It’s the little thing that makes the biggest difference.


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