A birthday party I will always remember

You have spent few years developing close friendships, you have explored and discovered what you love most about where you live, and perhaps most importantly, you have a better sense of who you are as a person and where you want to go from here.

As we get older, our social calendars start to fill up fast. You need a solid idea of what you want to do so that you can start looking into venues and sending the invitations, especially if you want to give your friends from out of town the chance to make it work.

For me, throwing a birthday party gave me the rare chance to gather all my friends to come together for one night and under one roof. This included friends from far away and those hard-to-pinned-down friends who are too busy to even RSVP to a just another run-of-the-mill Facebook event.

Datin French rang me up and decided to throw a theme party for me. My hubby and Tim both helped to arrange the party as well to ensure that it was an unforgettable occasion!


It wouldn’t be a birthday party without a birthday cake. I had dreams of a star-theme statement cake and Datin French turned my cake-fantasies into reality in 2016 birthday celebration. This year, Datin French made me a mini donuts 🍩 tower , I was really grateful and wept on the spot because she is due next day.  I am beholden to you @french_crullers_paris to you for your kindness. Even though you can’t make it to the dinner but you are always in my heart.💋


The birthday girl must always be best dressed. Felt like a princess came home to see this little surprise sitting on my doorstep! Thank you Rent a Dress Kl to keep all eyes on me with a stunning birthday dress.

No birthday party is ever complete without streamers and decorations. Without them, a birthday party would not have been as colorful and lively as it was. Thank you 🎈 @byourclown for the beautiful sparkly balloons.


As it was just six (6) of us, PLOY which generously hosted the party, gave us one of their private rooms which incidentally had a curtain that doubled as a nice backdrop!

Looking at these photos making me hungry now.

Crispy Baby Squid – These were great especially if eaten with beer/ wine as the lovely savoury flavours made these incredibly addictive!
Avocado Salad – Romaine, Radicchio, and iceberg lettuce with ginger dressing. The richness of the avocado was balanced out nicely by the ginger dressing which provided a little zing to this salad!
Crab in a Wrap – Soft shell crab, mango, avocado, spicy kani
Popcorn Chicken Pizza – crispy chicken, tobiko and sweet pineapple. This has to be one of the best pizzas at PLOY!
Spaghetti Corn Beef – Brazilian corn beef, olive oil with chili olio
Green Curry Seabass – a fusion dish with a delicious green curry sauce!

If you’re looking for somewhere nice in the upmarket Damansara Heights that serves good fusion fare without breaking the bank, PLOY is certainly a viable option with its reasonably priced food and multiple private rooms.

Now I am going to spam your screen with the photos of the night. Thank you my dearest friends Germaine, Shermaine , Ann Qi , Tim Chew and hubby Teik Sheng for the wonderful night.


This party was simply everything ❤ Love you all forever & always.


For more details of my party, check out
👗 @rentadress_kl .
🎈 @byourclown .
🎂 @french_crullers_paris .
🥘 @ploywithyourfood .

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