Do you know there are more than 30 health and surprises by drinking Coral Alkaline Water ?

I dunno is it the weather or me, I having a headache in the afternoon almost twice a week. I really feel very uncomfortable especially when I was driving or attending to matters. It could be Frequent headaches or tension headaches, I am not sure because I always work more than 12 hours a day.

Friends suggested me to drink more water because it might be caused by inadequate intake of water and acidic physique or the hot weather. I tried, but I realised my body doesn’t seem to absorb the water but in fact increases the urge of going washroom.

Luckily, I came across Coral Alkaline Water, a simple way to keep me hydrated and stay healthy. I don’t “listen” to the fact but  I experience it for 14 days. It really works on me! 1. It helps to relieve and reduce my headaches and I feel much easier to drive in the afternoon.

After 14 days of drinking Coral Alkaline Water, I have experienced more health surprises than ever. Knowing that we have to drink about 2.5- 3 litres (8 – 10 cups daily for an adult) and 1- 1.5 litres (3-5 cups daily for children), but how many of us are doing this?

So, first of all, we must ensure that we need to drink adequately in order to stay hydrated. If you have 2. constipation and bowel problems, this would be the first result of drinking an adequate amount of water.


Now, I am more healthy and 3. my skin looks more moisture and vibrant too because water helps to rejuvenate our body. I even bring it everywhere with me as a 4. facial mist, it penetrates deep into my skin and thus leaving my skin more radiant and refreshing at the same time. In fact, my friend who introduces Coral Alkaline Water to me use it as a 5. well-balanced mask weekly. No wonder she always looks so glowing!

It also helps to take care and 6. improve high cholesterol problem and 7. controlling uric acid level in our body. So, drink water regularly.

There are 26 more benefits of Coral Alkaline Water, let me make a list for you :

8. increase body resistance
9. curing oral ulcers due to heat accumulation
10. a better medium of make-up removal
11. prevent skin allergy like acnes and pimples
12. limit hair loss
13. easier to be absorbed by our body
14. safe for making formula milk for babies
15. enhanced the flavour of vegetables, tea or wine
16. good ingredient for cooking
17. removing pesticides
18. preserving fruits and vegetables
19. preventing fruit oxidation
20. removing seafood smell such as fish, shrimp and shellfish
21. enhancing the taste of soups
22. safe for pet cleaning, making the fur softer
23. good for planting, plants look fresher and last longer 


and I would like to highlight these two benefits which I find it very significant:

little did I know that I can spray the Coral Alkaline Water on the infected area of allergies problems/mosquito bites,  24. the itchy feeling can be relieved. It can also be used on scalded skin to 25. reduce pain. For mommies, you can use it to 26. relieve the discomfort of babies suffering from eczema too, it’s safe!

So are some tips for you who wants to get a better skin complexion. I am doing this almost every alternate day. 

You have two ways to do it . First , I spray the cotton pad with Coral Alkaline Water. 

Then I spread the cotton pad on my face.

Or if you have an used facial mask / the DIY expanding sheet mask pellets, you can run it through the Coral alkaline water like this:

Then , lay it on your face for 15minutes.

That’s it, so simple and you can save a lot of money from visiting the beauty salon. I like the result too as I feel moisturizing and refreshing each time after Coral Alkaline Water mask. 

After reading my humble sharing, would you like to bring this Coral Alkaline Water home too?

I am not selling it, not getting any commission neither,  but if you want to try it, you can come to my house , anytime I promise.

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