#OOTD Beach: How to shoot a picture perfect beach portrait?

How to pose in a swimwear like a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Here are the simple tips for you. It is not difficult, but it is also not as easy as you might think. Let me share with you at a few ways that you can shoot in order to get some great portraits on your beach holidays.

Photography: Frennee Sin
Styling: Nicole Xiang
Swimwear: Pink N’ Proper
Sun Glasses: Kacakaca Eyewear
Location: Krabi, Thailand | Ubud, Bali

1.Pick the best location

Pre-planning with keep you on-track for a successful shoot. Always save up photos that you like on your mobile phone so that you can use it as a reference.

Finding a beautiful background is usually the easy part. You want to pay attention to the small details, however. Are there any trash cans, or other unsightly objects in your background. Find a spot nearby that may be less crowded.


2.candid moment

Just take as many shots as possible, there must be a perfect moment out of 10 photos!

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3.the best clothing for beach portraiture that suits you

Know what type of swimwear suits you the most. Monokini will make you look 10 pounds thinner even if you haven’t yet had the chance to shed those extra pounds you’ve been meaning to lose!


Source: summer affair

4.pur your weight onto the back hip

If you are taking a sleeping pose, place your hands on your hips, do it at the most narrow point of your waist and make sure you stick your elbows out (otherwise, you will appear to have no hands). Cheat! Contract your abdomen muscles so that your belly seems more toned and more supple. Remember, never let your weight be supported by the leg closest to the camera. The front leg should be flexed in order to look slimmer.

5. take a top view or turn your body about 45 degrees away from the camera

This allows you to maintain your gaze towards the camera and make you appear slimmer. You can try sticking them in your hair in a playful and sexy way.

Don’t forget to keep your chin up! – Especially if you’re on the beach, where tilting your chin down can cast shadows over your face. Arch your back a bit and stick your derriere out (without exaggerating!) – And don’t forget! The weight should land on the back leg.

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