15 minutes Natural Chic Makeup Tutorial :  Miracle Finish Cushion & Moisture Touch Lipstick @ The Face Shop

Hello, sweeties! Welcome to my first makeup tutorial in the year 2017. Paying my respect to those beauty bloggers who has done a real good job on their makeup tutorial, not easy at all. I have spent about 6 hours shooting and trying to get the best pose because I am not well-equipped with all those professional photography tools.

So, are you ready for my 15 minutes Natural Chic Makeup Tutorial featuring The Face Shop? Here are the 4 looks :

Product use:

Miracle Finish Cushion & Moisture Touch Lipstick

In this tutorial, I am using mostly the makeup tutorial products from Korea. Tell you what, this is my first time using Korean Cosmetic. I heard Korean cosmetic makes miracle, so I can’t wait to try out their latest Miracle Finish Cushion & Moisture Touch Lipstick.

Miracle Finish Cushions

THE FACE SHOP cushions now has a new looks! – Available in 6 types for different functions – Price: RM104.83 (inclusive of GST)/ The refill is RM58.9 w/o gst , RM62.43 with gst.

Moisture Touch Lipstick

Available 12 colours in THE FACE SHOP Malaysia, contains layers of serum that provide moisturizing care and radiant colour for the lips – Price: RM63.49(include gst)

· Oil Control Water Cushion – prevent makeup from clumping with sebum control and matte finish to maintains refreshing, bright complexion suitable for oily or combination skin

· CC Intense Cover Cushion – contains 7 types of flower oils and extract for making dry skin dewy and radiant and make your skin look perfectly flawless with high coverage

· CC Ultra Moist Cushion – deeply moisturizing effect that gives a dewy and glowing effect. It covers fine lines for smooth skin and gives natural glow to the skin.

· CC Cooling Cushion – great moisture function with cooling effect to give the skin an instant moisture recharge that is dry from the heat and it is long lasting + light weight.

· CC Long Lasting Cushion – contains primer that makes the skin smoother and long lasting. It comes in handy if you are looking for a cushion that stays the same even with frequent retouching.

· BB power perfection cushion – contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that helps to maintain skin elasticity and strong coverage to hide blemishes with matt finish. An alternative for you for easy to carry and to apply if you have been a frequent user of The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream.

Are you ready? Hope you won’t mind my bare face here.

Base :

Miracle Finish long-lasting cushion  + Miracle Finish intense cover , this is how they look on my hand.

For this makeup I am using Miracle Finish long-lasting cushion on my right face + Miracle Finish intense cover on my left face. I don’t like heavy makeup but because of my dark circles, I need a real good layer that can cover my dark rings. I am blessed that I have good skin condition that I do not have to worry about black spot / redness.  I didn’t use any concealer in this tutorial as I want to know the coverage of the Miracle Cushion.
My skin colour looks more even now.  Still looking bare & a little pale because I haven’t done anything else yet.

I think these Miracle Cushions are pretty good as they aren’t too thick or heavy. They also keeping my face moisture even after few hours of hectic work. Recommended for dry skin as you don’t have to apply moisturizer before applying this cushions. No cracking -look all day long.

Before I put on both cushions on my face, I have tested their coverage on my leg too. To be honest, I am amazed at the coverage result of both cushions. It can really cover up blemishes, dark spots and dark circle. I don’t have to bring so many cosmetics during travel or working already.

(from left)
1. I have drawn black spots + darker tone to represent uneven skin condition
2. experiement with Miracle Finish long-lasting cushion
3. after a few light taps
4. and a few more taps

(from left)
1. same thing, I have drawn black spots + darker tone to represent uneven skin condition
2. experiement with Miracle Finish intense cover
3. after a few light taps
4. and a few more taps

Now , let’s compare. Can you see the result on the left picture? you can hardly see any of the dark spot or uneven skin tone. And after blending it evenly, it covered 90% of those dark spots (on the right picture) and the skin looks growing now ! Amazing !

Now I have a good complexion skin like those K Pop Stars ! So just add on eye liner + eyebrows to perfect the look.

Look much better now?

Oh wait .. never forget to put on lipstick!

Lips :

Moisture Touch Lipstick

Wondering which lip colour is the perfect fit for you? let’s try them all. I would suggest applying a thin layer of concealer on your lips to achieve the best colour of the lipstick. You can also put a thin layer of the Miracle Cushion on your lips.


Coral Lip

Tired of pink and orange lips? Feeling like wearing bright yet still natural lips? The sweet coral hue that lies between peach and orange is the colour just for you. Coral lips for hitting the beach, friend’s wedding, or just a casual walk by the street, flatter your lips with the Moisture Touch Lipstick sweet coral.

Is Orange The New Red?

Orange is no longer a summer shade nor is it a shade that replaces red. It is a flattering hue for diverse skin tones that is a steady colour for all seasons. Discover your own orange shade and pair it with a peachy blush that will warm up the cold season. You can also go bold with a pop of orange lip look and you will surely be remembered as the beach girl always, in style.

Pink Soul Mate

From nude, baby to hot pink, have you found your pink soul mate yet? Discover the right pink shade for you with the Moisture Touch Lipstick that has four different pink shades to choose from. Pink lip inspired makeup looks such as MLBB (my lips but better) using a nude pink shade or ‘dry rose lip makeup lip’ have now become a daily look. Find your shade and own it!

Classic Red Lips

The signature classic red colour that never go out of style is here to stay for good…planning for that night out with your girl friends? Not sure what makeup to wear on that first date? No need to worry, find your favourite shade of red from the Moisture Touch Lipstick line for a look you can wear all season long.

(Photos were taken by iPhone 6)




RD 02

Really really very sweet & sexy looking ! Must buy must get ~ and it is so easy, less than 15 minutes for this natural chic look ! Good for school / work / party ~

Hope you love my tutorial 💋

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