A Beginner’s Guide to Getting in Shape : Triaction by Triumph

Hello readers, I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now.

I’ve been blogging since 2015, I’ve written well over 100 articles (I’m too lazy to count them all), my blog has grown from ~50 hits per day to one that gets anywhere from 1000-3000 hits per day. I write about lifestyle, food, beauty, travel and technology and now, I couldn’t believe I could embark on a fitness 💪🏻journey: one of my 2017 resolutions achieved.😊

First of all, I would like to thank Triumph Malaysia that has been really supportive all these years. I truly enjoyed every event you have created for us, especially this one: Triaction by Triumph, Supportive sportswear that doesn’t compromise on style. Find The One that makes you move.

Triumph recently launched its new Triaction sports range with Bounce – Certified innovation. The event was held at Maison Franchaise, Jalan Kia Peng. The beautiful lush greenery surroundings made the event ambience just perfect for an outdoor activity. Collaborating with Jumping Fitness Malaysia, Triumph held a very different kind of event this time around, inviting guests and media to have a hands-on experience of the new bounce innovation.

Check out my short video to experience the new Triaction sports range with Bounce – Certified innovation :

I was very impressed with the set-up of the entire event; with an array of mannequins displaying the different types of Triaction styles and colours to rows of trampolines all arranged nicely around the pool giving the entire set-up a lush serene feel.

Work Out session 2

The entire workout session took place for half hour, trust me, my sweat could flood the pool.

After the workout session, we were treated to an assortment of healthy refreshments and smoothies.  Work hard, eat harder.. lolz..

Dahne Iking, Adeline Tsen and Yasmin Hani joined in the fun to have their own experience of the new bounce innovation range. I guess this is how the celebrities enjoy their life yet keeping themselves fit all the time.

They are looking good with her new Triaction sports bra.

Daphne Iking & Adeline TsenYasmin Hani & Daphne Iking

If you are a newbie in Sports like me, I think this is a good start for you to Getting in Shape.

Jumping Fitness session 1Jumping Fitness Session 2

Trust me: NO PAIN, YOU GAIN. If you have time for Facebook, you have time for exercise. 30 minutes of exercise a day makes a big difference in your body. You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.

So what is so special about the new Triaction sports range with Bounce – Certified innovation?

To me, 3 words to describe it after experiencing it myself:
1️⃣ Confidence
The Dynamic Lite collection offers the 3D powertech process which fuses multiple layers for all-round anti-bounce compression, extreme support and soft comfort that adjusts to your curves. It has push up effect too!
2️⃣ Beautiful 
The design is so trendy that you can wear it to the gym, in the street or in a café with friends. It looks so sexy on its own too !
3️⃣ Comfortable 
The Magic Motion sports bras are based on best-selling lingerie fits and features Magic Motion Air technology. This offers the support of a wire but with extra comfort and flexibility for the wearer. The smart fabrication has quick dry properties and the perforated cups allow for increased breathability.


Triaction offers the ultimate solution: bras in Triumph’s favourite fits that are on-trend, extremely supportive, comfortable and with no bulk. A fit for every shape, the collection is also bounced control certified by world renowned Research Group in Breast Health, the University of Portsmouth.


The Cardio collection features a range of bras with superior support, perfect for high-performance activities and women who love to feel the burn. The concept that unites all the bras in this range is Dynamic Lite with 3D Powertech, which fuses three innovative fabrics to provide extreme bounce control and comfort.

The Dynamic Lite series has also been awarded an honourable mention in the coveted 2016 Red Dot awards1 for its impressive execution, design and product solution details.

Control Lite WHP
With light padding and an invisible wire channel construction, the Control Lite WHP is designed to have the look of a top that provides support of a bra. Due to the dynamic design, high neckline and non-moulded cups, this innovation has an impressive overall extreme bounce control. With adjustable 3D power strap feature that guarantees a perfect comfort and on-trend mesh detailing, the design assures moisture control, impeccable support and comfort.

Hybrid Lite P
The Hybrid Lite P sports bra shapes women’s curves with lightly padded spacer cups and reduces overall bounce by 74%, as tested by the experts at the University of Portsmouth. It offers all bust sizes exceptional support, extreme lightness and soft comfort during any activity – from jogging to kickboxing. Not only does the feminine bra have outstanding moisture control and breathability, it is invisible underneath clothing – a stylish bra for ultimate bounce control.

Control Boost F
The Control Boost F sports bra provides impeccable fit for larger bust sizes. A zip front makes it is easy to put on, a racer back fit ensures comfort, and the under-bust band and side panelling provide flawless support. Be it a fast-paced run or a yoga class, the style is designed for all levels of training and features a 73% overall bounce control rating.

The Fit-Ster Short
The Fit-Ster Short is the perfect companion for your workout. Softly shaping your silhouette with slimming effect, this product features stretchy, breathable, compression fabric that is light and soft on your skin. The stay dry moisture management properties also ensures optimum dryness and superior comfort.
The Studio collection introduces multiple fits and fashionable styles that combines support and comfort for women who focus on low intensity, toning activities. Inspired by the athleisure trend, which sees women go from studio to social, the bras unite style with outstanding fit, support and comfort. This collection of bras also feature the Magic Motion, Triumph’s award-winning soft-touch Magic Wire Air innovation, that gives all the support of a wire with extra comfort.
Magic Motion WHP
The Magic Motion WHP padded sports bra introduces the innovative soft-touch Magic Wire Air into sportswear, offering good support and bounce control for all activities. Light padding enhances the shape & the cups are perforated for superior breathability and the smart fabric has stay-dry properties. The sports bra also features feminine touches like mesh inserts to give the style a fashion focus, without compromising on the comfort.
Free Motion WHU
The Free Motion WHU push-up bra gives the bust extra lift whilst offering 65% certified bounce control; it’s designed to enhance women’s curves as they work out. Featuring rocker wire, a specially construction that prevents the wire from digging in, and brushed straps and underbust band, the stylish sports bra is ideal for active women looking for all-day comfort.
Free Motion HP
The Free Motion HP lightly padded sports bra is designed with stay-dry fabric with antibacterial properties that are suitable even for the sensitive skin. This style also features shaping cups, with removable paddings, that allows maximum support and freedom of movement. The J-hook design on the back straps for a racer-back look also adds a feminine twist to the sports bra.
Free Motion WHP
The Free Motion WHP wired bra is a super light and fashionable style that offers the ultimate comfort and breathability. Tested and accredited by University of Portsmouth, this style offers high support with 50 – 65% bounce control. Made with innovative spacer cups that contain thousands of tiny air pockets like honeycomb that create easy airflow against the body, allowing the skin to breathe.

Find The One that makes you move: choose Triaction.

Shop now or learn more:
Triumph Malaysia
Jumping Malaysia 

I have just created a new hashtag for myself too, happy exercise 🏋🏻‍♀!

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