6 reasons Why I love eating Cup Noodles, especially the one with REAL INGREDIENTS just like their packaging !

Many of us Malaysians love eating cup noodles for no special reason, or perhaps due to advertisements. I still eat instant noodles 🍜 once a week or sometimes twice for supper. Opps 🙈❣


Sometimes , the problem about cup noodles is the deceiving packaging, they have very impressive pictures but the content is disappointing. I really hate 😤 this sentence: pictures are for illustration purposes only. However, there are many other brands that do not fall into this stereotype, one of the few (also one of my favourite 😍 ) is Nissin Cup Noodles 🍜.



6 reasons why I love eating Nissin Cup Noodles:

  1.  Good for supper
    it can be quite troublesome to prepare supper or snack after a long tiring day, so Nissin Cup Noodles are the go to food for times like these. Save your time & parking fees, you can hit the hay right away after eating. (that’s the real lazy me, please don’t learn from my lazy ways)
  2. It’s hard to get bored of Nissin Cup Noodles
    There are 10 different flavours to choose from, very tasty too! You hardly get bored of the flavour.
  3. More REAL ingredients & Garnishing 
    It’s hard to come across cup noodles that has real ingredients in it as advertised on their pacakging. Nissin Cup Noodles is one of the brands which does not fall into this stereotype whereby the packaging depicts impressive pictures but with disappointing content. As the label on the lid states, it has ” More Ingredients!” and it is true indeed.
  4. easy to prepare
    You don’t have to be a cooking expertise, as long as you can boil water and you know how to pour it over noodles, you are good to go! (with decent noodles that comes with garnish!) Which is why the fast and efficient Malaysian in me loves making instant noodles for supper – I don’t even need to do the washing hahaha.
  5. making cup noodles is fun
    There are so many ways to cook the different varieties of it. You can cook it the usual way by just pouring hot water into the cup, or you can boil it in a pot and add more your favourite garnish by yourself, or even fry in in a pan for a different twist!
  6. and my last reason, Nissin Cup Noodles is cool ! Check this out :

Trust me, Nissin Cup Noodles taste as good as it is even without the seasoning!

Do you like eating cup noodles? What’s your favourite Nissin Cup Noodles flavour?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Henry Tan says:

    real ingredients? :S maybe i should try it one day! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dear, if you want, I can give you 3 to 4 flavours to try out. Just leave a comment here for arrangement yea. =)


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