Mother’s Day Gifts: Swiftlet Cavern Bird’s Nest. Top 6 Major Health Benefits of Edible Bird Nest.

Always love your mother, because you will not get another. Our mother is great because she can take place of all others but whose place no one else can take. For the past 10 years, I have been presenting bird’s nest for my mum as Mother’s Day gift, but this year, I am presenting her a special bird’s nest: Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest.

Why is Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest so special? It is highly Parental-friendly because you may choose the sweetness level range between 25%-50%-100%, just like how we use to control the sweetness level for the popular bubble tea. Besides, Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest providing best quality Bird Nest Products, it is fresh order-to-make! Because of the natural ingredients, and hand-picked fresh bird’s nest, with no chemical added, Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest is best to consume within 1 week. Free delivery service is available so put your doubt away for all the inconvenience you could think of.

7 major health benefits to knowing about Bird’s Nest:

Bird’s nest is one of the most popular tonics in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The benefits of bird’s nest can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages.

  1. Bird’s Nest should be consumed before meals to allow your body to absorb its nutrients profusely.
  2. Pregnant mothers who consume bird’s nests have been known to recover faster after delivery, experience lesser loss of hair and deliver healthier and fair-skinned babies.
  3. Bird’s nest helps prevent colds and flus for growing children by improving the function of the Lungs and Kidneys.
  4. In Southeast Asia (especially with the Chinese), well-to-do individuals consume Bird’s Nest on a long-term and regular basis, primarily for the benefits of anti-aging. This group of people consistently reports less sickness, better immunity, more energy, better sleep, good complexion, and good virility.
  5. Bird’s nest is a supplement food to beautify skin – primarily to retain youthfulness and obtain a clean and clear facial complexion.
  6. For smokers and drinkers, bird’s nest helps to cleanse the blood and rid the lungs of impurities and toxins.

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I have bought various brands of Bird’s Nest for my mum but I believe I have made a better choice this year by choosing Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest. My mum is a diabetes patient, and now she can consume a zero-sugar level bird’s nest anytime anywhere!

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There are 4 types of Fresh Nest as shown in the photo above:
1. Rock Sugar
Benefits: Balancing immune system, speed up recovery.
2. Honey Sugar
Benefits: Improve sleeping, skin nourishing, remove excessive body heat, protects and strengthen lungs and liver. (my choice to cure my dark circles😍😍😍😍)
3. Red Dates
Benefits: Lungs nourishing, blood deficiency, soothe the throat and prevent cough.
4. Fresh Milk
Benefits: Rich in vitamin A, D, E, skin whitening 😍, strong bones and replenish energy.

I am not selling this bird’s nest but I would love to share this greats news to every mother who loves bird’s nest. For this coming Mother’s Day,  Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest comes with 3 complimentary flower 🌹🌷 cupcakes!

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I bought the 1 Week Package costs RM168 to try out, hope my mum will like it. They have 4 weeks package RM660 / 12 weeks package RM1880 / 24 weeks package RM3600 / 48 weeks package RM6800. Free delivery service available which is really friendly for busy people like me, I can get it at my doorstep 🚗.

Shop now or for more info:
010 206 6066 / 010 266 3238


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  1. Henry Tan says:

    ahhh that’s a nice gift for Mother’s Day!


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