“Everyone is going thru some kind of battle, don’t judge people”

Flashback Friday. My most requested photo: a pregnancy pic from when I was pregnant with kyli. I didnt keep very many cause I felt like a whale. lol I was 19 when I had my daughter. I was living on my own. Working full time as a manager for a frozen yogurt place. I went into early labor from over working myself so I was on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I was an ADULT. Not a child. When my daughter was a year old I took care of a 19 year old with special needs, she couldn’t walk or talk. I took any job I could get where I could bring my daughter. I have a heart. Rude comments will be deleted. Everyone is going thru some kind of battle. Don’t judge people. You dont know what they’ve gone through.”
~by Juli.annee

Another hot mama who doesn’t look like one! I thought she was a lingerie model when I first came across her Instagram. Tell me she is a model please ~ (envy)

and if I have a baby girl in the near future, this is my goal~ ❤

her daughter is a cute one, and gonna be as hot as her mama.

Also, follow juli.annee if you like her !

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