Casio EX-FR200 review : my two months user experience {part 2}

Point two 2 : 

FR100 VS FR200

Flyingindance’s User Experience 2 :

Rec Menu:
FR100 Movie Quality : Full HD, STD, HS240 (with makeup mode)
FR200 Movie Quality : 4K, FHD( 60P), FHD (30P) , HS120, HS240, STD

I like the movie quality of both cameras, when I am lazy to put on makeup , FR100 will be the best choice for movie recording because it has the makeup mode that beautifies your look automatically. However, I love FR200 too because the Videos taken are FHD and you can even record it at 4K movie quality, the cheapest way to shoot really good quality video, as good as a DSLR.

Want to know the difference? Watch these videos taken by FR100 & FR200. More FR100 video samples here.

FR100 sample video with makeup mode

FR200 sample video

So which movie quality do you like?by the way, both cameras are waterproof, check out this video by Fiqrieisme  , he has more FR200 videos to offer at his Instagram, don’t miss out!

Point two 3 : 

Wireless LAN function

Flyingindance’s User Experience 3 :

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Wireless LAN function. I realized FR200 Wireless LAN function is much faster than FR100. For example, I could transfer 10 videos from FR200 to my smartphone in less than 5 minutes, but FR100 takes 7-10 minutes to perform this action.

In conclusion,both cameras are awesome ! I couldn’t go out without Casio EX FR100 and FR200 now,wherever I go I will bring them along to ensure every photo of mine is perfectly perfect. I have no complaints on these two cameras so far, they have become my daily essential now.

If I were to recommend between FR100 & FR200, I would say FR100 for Women and FR200 for men simply because FR100 has the beauty makeup mode which is more suitable for women. If you are a traveler or sports person, FR200 will be your best buddy.

Thank you for reading and I hope my humble dummy review helps ! You can find out more photos shared on Instagram by FR200 users with the hashtag #casioexilimfr200 , #selfieiscasio and #casiofr200.

Don’t miss out part 1.

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