Casio EX-FR200 review : my two months user experience {part 1}

Hello, readers, I know you have been waiting for my Casio Exilim FR200 review, Flyingindance has received your inquiry about the FR200 functions it offers, thank you very much for your interest and here you go with the honest review ( hope it answers your questions too).

Casio Exilim FR200 launch

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank Casio Exilim Malaysia for placing their trust and confidence in my abilities to review Casio EX-FR200. The moment when I am officially Malaysia’s friend of Casio Exilim, a million little shining stars had just aligned, I had tears rolling out of my eyes. I wiped them quickly so no one would know that I was crying over the joy, thank you for allowing me to be part of your family.


Please allow me to share a few more photos here before the review. You know some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, and hey I am the lucky one to be one of the first few having Casio EX-FR200 in Malaysia. #likeastar hahaha.

Casio Exilim FR200 Features

Let’s see what Casio Exilim Fr200 has to offer from their website. More information here : Features ,  Specifications, Body Design, Main parts, Options

These are the features highlights of Casio EX-FR200 that you MUST KNOW:
(source: Casio Exilim Official Website)

Before I start breaking down the pros and cons about EX-FR200, I would like to congrats Casio for having such fantastic detachable outdoor camera. For the past two months, I was having really great time with the aid of EX-FR200, no fuss or bother even when I was traveling, it allows me to shoot from unexpected angles.Thank you Casio !❤

Flyingindance’s Casio EX-FR200 User Experience

As usual, Flyingindance offers only the honest review, it has been close to two months since I started using FR200. So now, after two months experiencing FR200, I would like to share with my dearest readers on my very own user experience .

Point 1 : 

Dome View , Panorama & Super Wide Angle

Flyingindance’s User Experience 1

The 180-degree Dome View lens is the new feature of the camera that deserves a 5-stars rating. This Dome View is similar to The Fisheye Lomography camera, however, it captures an 180-degree photo ( good for portrait selfie ). Check out these three photos with ISO3200 , ISO 800 and auto ISO respectively. Apparently, I have found out ISO 800 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

I love the Super Wide Angle mode, as you can put 360-degree of the environment in the frame effortlessly. I brought along a selfie stick during my HCM trip but I didn’t use it at all. Instead, save your money and spend it otherwise , maybe on a ring light. So , hereby I attached two selfie photos taken at the same place, the same angle by FR100 & FR200 respectively . Spot the difference!

The photo above was taken by FR100, the photo below was FR200. You can even spot the passenger next to me! Both photos are non-edited/filtered.


One of the reasons I love Super Wide Angle : it is good for traveling selfie. You literally getting everything you see in a frame, awesome !

the photo above was taken by FR100, photo below was FR200. You can see the entire interior with the aid of Super Wide Angle lens. Both photos are non-edited/filtered.

And you still look slim … Hahaha thumbs up !

More Super Wide Angle photos here :

I have yet to explore the panorama mode, will definitely update it here and share with you soon. You can find out more photos shared on Instagram by FR200 users with the hashtag #casioexilimfr200 , #selfieiscasio and #casiofr200.

Point 2 : 

FR100 VS FR200

Flyingindance’s User Experience 2

Body Design :
They are siblings so of course, they look similar. Both are portable and light-in-weight, they are 16cm (L) x 6cm (W), almost the same size of a smartphone.

black : FR200, white : FR100

Shoot mode :
As you see can from the picture below , they provide different shooting mode.Readers are asking me if there already have FR100, should they get FR200? The answer is yes !


I have reviewed the Dome View, Panorama and Super Wide Angle earlier on at point 1. From a girl’s point of view, FR100’s auto and premium auto pro are good enough for me. However, the Art Shot contains Toy Camera, Soft Focus, Light Tone, Sepia and Monochrome for you to play with.15226631_1330478020318106_1515744968_n

Check out more on FR100 user experience here or visit their website for more information.

continue reading : part 2

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