#OOTD and the cute little things : Shibaful , Sabina Wong & Fedge.co


Photography : Ts Giam
Styling : Nicole Xiang
Bags : Adamo 3D Bag Original @ Fedge
Island Coaster : Shibaful
Iphone case : Shibaful
Ring : Sabina Wong


For the wearer, there is the opportunity to feel special.
You are wearing something that either has been made for you or speaks to you.

It is yours and it is individual.
A close up to the adorable Adamo 3D bag original.

The details: The little sheep is simply too loveable.
Get your own little farm animal from Shibaful’s Island Coaster series.

Enhancing your phone , Shibaful makes it special.

There is so much respect for the material.

Sabina Wong‘s ring – a true expression of individuality,
both beautiful and functional.

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