Bering- Time : When Arctic Beauty Inspired Every Seconds

Attended Bering-Time The Ocean Blue Collection launching last week at Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall. It was a great pleasure for me to attend the event. Let me share you The Bering Story :

Originated in Denmark, BERING offers a collection of timeless, sleek and durable watches. When Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov jumped out of a helicopter into the ice cold of the Arctic, directly over the North Pole in 2008, he had no idea that he was parachuting into a new era.

Because at that moment in time, landing safely at the most northerly point of the globe, his heart was conquered by the cool, simple beauty and infinite white expanse of the eternal ice. Overwhelmed by these fascinating impressions, he also captivated his business partners Michael Witt Johansen and Lars Gram-Skjønnemann with his descriptions of the exquisite splendour of the Arctic landscape. Inspired by these beautiful images the two Danes started to develop the vision of a new watch brand – a watch brand which would be as pure, clear and breathtakingly beautiful as the Arctic itself.

The idea for BERING was born.


The Ocean Blue Collection

The new watch designs combine blue ceramic or Milanese straps with silver stainless steel for the first time, and fit into the blue/ gold or blue/rose-gold collection.


Like the eternal ice, cool Artic blue and glittering silver represent Artic beauty, and perfectly transmit the values of the Danish brand.


Set, glittering SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS breathe an incomparable luminescence into the cool model, giving it a timeless glamour.


Every design is sophisticated ,  pushing forth material and elegance.


In a world of information overload, non-stop notifications, and the hindrance of a “more is better” culture, there is indeed a luxury to be found in design embracing the simplification of compositional relations between a person and the information they seek.

I like the classic collection ❤%e5%95%8a

Look at me, don’t I look in this calfskin black classic collection (model 10540-404) ?


The Saphire glass design : Scratch-resistant and crystal clear watch glass. 5 ATMWatch is protected against rain. Watch must not be submerged under water. And a 3-year extended warranty + three-year international warranty. PERFECT

Check out the packaging , I swear it is not just a normal packaging.


The glass packaging can go even further. Make use of this glass packaging when your watch is not in it ! What about a romantic tea light, a jar of your sweets or a decorative vase of your favorite blooms?


If you prefer slim design with clear form, the characteristic features of BERING can o course be found in the Bering Slim Solar watch collection:

BERING Time to care 2016 : protect their next generation

Bering is standing up for the next generation of polar bears. With an exquisite design piece, the Scandinavian watch brand is supporting projects to protect the endangered species : the BERING charity watch will be in the shops from September 2016 in a limited edition. For each watch sold, the brand is donating 15 U.S. dollars to the organization”Polar Bears International”.


Check out BERING-TIME to find out more information : Instagram , Facebook , Website
or visit BERING Stores / department stores located at Gurney Plaza, Sunway Pyramid , Isetan 1 Utama, Isetan The Gardens Mall, Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall, Parkson Pavillion KL, Parkson Suria KLCC.

Last but not least, introducing you Misaki Pearl, it is right next to BERING-TIME . So in love with the Bracelet Calice (cultured pearl bracelet) on my wrist, may I bring it home?

Misaki , Pearl Your Life

The new collection : Almeria bringing together rhodium plated silver and the cultured pearl’s beauty the Calice bracelet plays with the delicacy and charm of timeless jewellery. A white, ceramic ring, embodying the protective calyx of the bud, encircles the pearl with a pale pink lustre. The silver chain serves as the link between all the elements that make up this piece. With its modern finishing and contours, the Calice bracelet combines chicness and refinement with simplicity and elegance ❤

Check out Misaki ‘s social media if you like the contemporary and creative interpretations of the cultured + handmand pearls on me : Instagram , Facebook , Website

till then ~


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