Want To Become A Successful Blogger? Then Read This.

On Flyingindance, Nicole covers topics related to travel, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and food. Nicole has been able to make thousands of Ringgit Malaysia every month from her online blogs, from a lecturer becomes famous bloggers, want to know how she does it? Read the frequently asked questions from her readers as below.

  1. Please share a bit about you, how you get into blogging?I started blogging as a hobby, and soon it turned into a passion and later a profession. I have been blogging since mid of 2014 based in Selangor. Nicole a.k.a Flyingindance is just another average girl who is doing what she likes. 
    I am one of the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers recruited by Tim Chew in the year 2014.

  2. We all know about Nicole Xiang (an Industrial Design lecturer) and Flyingindance (a blogger). But how difficult it was for you to choose between the blogging and a job in the academic industry?
    This story happened around March-June 2015 when I was deciding to pursue my Ph.D. studies and decided to quit my full-time job and opt for blogging meanwhile studying. The toughest time was at the end of Dec 2015, when I had to decide between joining a Singapore-based education hub or opt for blogging as my part time profession.

    It wasn’t an easy decision, as Singapore offers better career prospects. Moreover , blogging was not a widely accepted job. After a lot of discussion with family, friends and taking advice from many professionals, I decided to listen to my inner voice and opted for part time blogging. In another word, I am still teaching in the afternoon from Monday- Friday, but I am on my own now at Master Home Tuition.

  3. What do you think it is the most effective link building practice recommended for a blogger in today’s web world?
    Fast, quality and honesty. Malaysians love new things, therefore bloggers must create such quality content of newly launched products/ food that people would love to link to your blog. blogger13487A quality content + brand promotion will earn you the best links you can think of. Bear in mind, be honest with your readers, you will receive hundreds of comments in your inbox.
  4. Do you have some favorite blogs that you use to browse on regular basis?Oh yes. Eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com .
  5. Why don’t you get yourself a domain , for instance, a dot com or dot net?I think a good blog does not necessarily have a domain, just like my favorite blog Eatdrinkkl, he is using Blogspot too. WordPress is good enough for me.
  6. What is the must know blogging tips for new bloggers?
    Dare not become a copycat, it is a big turn off for not only search engines but readers too. Most importantly, be honest. It is better not to mislead your readers. You need to develop trust in your readers. A rating scale would help your readers to know better.
  7. What is your blogging style?
    Well, I am a lazy reader, most of the time I will check out pictures than reading the content. So, I make it convenient for my readers too, I create content which is more on photos than words.

    Besides, I stick and stand by my point, I present whatever I experienced, not being bias to any brand. A trustworthy content is what I aim to establish.

  8. You are a florist now too, how do you manage your time?
    I love to keep myself busy, I have too many identities for now. To start my day early around 7am is the only way to make sure I complete my works. In the morning I will manage Flying Florist.co with my partner Matthew Wong, then I will be teaching from 2-5pm . I study  in the evening for my Ph.D. and I hit the gym twice a week too. I attend events once/twice a week for Flyingindance, to your surprise I don’t go out during weekends as I will do my write-up at home.

    However, I would be focusing on my Ph.D. from now onwards, you might find me less updating Flyingindance.

    As mentioned earlier, I am doing what I like to do, I am happy even though I am busy. I am blessed to have a staff of quality, dedicated tutors with me at Master Home Tuition that they need minimal supervision at all times. blogger13497


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