Are Fair-Skinned Women More Attractive Than Dusky Ladies?

Are fair-skinned girls actually more attractive or are we just conditioned to believe so?

In several cultures across the world, fairer skin in highly desired. I’m someone who admittedly is attracted to people with fair complexion even though I’m not fair at all. It’s a common trend in Malaysia where white is glorified.

I have given up trying to be fair : I used all kind of sunscreen, wore long sleeves, avoid the sun by not going on a beach vacation and all the prevention you could think of. It just didn’t work. So I embrace it.

It made me wonder about how many Malaysian men still have a perception rooted in their minds where ” being fair” equals “being beautiful”. Women (most of my dusky-skinned female friends) seemed to feel more insecure about their tanned skin hues as compared to the fair-skinned women surround them. So , I conducted a survey on Malaysian Men ( there are Chinese, Malay and Indian), so these are what they told me that I personally endorse the theory that dark-skinned or the typically dusky-skinned Malaysian women can be as beautiful and appear even more appealing than fair-skinned women on any day of the year and this is why :

Dusky Skin is exotic

Malaysia men compliment them on the “chocolatiness” of their skin. Surprisingly , they think dusky-skinned women are sportswomen (although it might be wrong haha), sportswomen have an aura of exoticness. Fairer skin might seem paler to Malaysian men. There is something about well-moisturized, earthy-coloured skin that makes it look more supple, younger and flawless as compared to the fairer hue.unt111itled

Earthy Skin is Understated Elegance

Some people might not agree with this but I feel that  loud, bright colours worn on fair skin create a rather loud, attention-grabbing appeal. This makes earthy-skinned women seem more classy , the slightly darker skin ensures that the contrast is minimal, making a more stylish statement rather than being attuned towards grabbing eyeballs.

Dusky is Sensuous, Hot and Sexy

Dusky skin is a symbol of absolute beauty and charm today. People are in a rush to get themselves tanned or obtain a dusky complexion in order to stand out of the crowd.

If you are dusky-skinned , be proud of that because you are exotic, classy and hot. Share this with your female friends who are low self-esteem because they are dusky-skinned.

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