Original lava cookies are now in KL : Creamery Boutique Ice Creams @ Atria Shopping Gallery

You’ve seen numerous English/ Japanese high tea set on my blog, but how about Lava Cookies? Interested?

All cookies come with a scoop of ice cream and it’s RM16.90. There are 4 choices of freshly baked cookies (bake upon order) : Brownie, Choc-A-Lot, Monster Matcha & Red Velvet. Let me show you the awesome lava cookies with ice creams first, the selection of ice creams come later.
Monster Matcha Cookie with Earl Grey Ice Cream RM16.90

Red Velvet Cookie with Suugus Ice Cream RM16.90 ❤ this is my favorite out of all, a little bit too sweet but it’s dessert so it’s suppose to be sweet ! hahaha.. lame.

file10Choc-A-Lot Cookie with Banoffee Ice Cream RM16.90

file5Brownie Cookie with Red Velvet Ice Cream RM16.90
file7taa dah ~ so many choices of ice creams for you to go about ! If you don’t like the lava cookies, they offer you single scoop ice cream RM8.90, double scoop ice cream 14.90 & triple scoop ice cream RM20.90 too ! However, Flyingindance highly recommending you to pair it with lava cookies , honestly, magical stuff.

Creamery Boutique Ice creams insist on meticulous small batch production to maintain the exceptional quality of our ice creams. All recipes are original, exclusive and personally conceptualized to include a unique Creamery twist.<3 You are going to love the warm gooey chocolate, matcha and cream cheese lava filling in these cookies.

Eat right after they are served, else the ice cream will be melted just like the photo, but it still tastes good !


We are so in love with these ice cream lava cookies! We looked like we were playing “masak-masak”.file-2

The key to the Original Lava Cookie is the freshly baked hot lava cookies and also the exclusively, personally conceptualized ice cream. The flavor goes beyond what a good lava cookie means. The ingredients unite in a way that puts all the other cookies I’ve had to shame. It’s the warmest, chocolatiest, matcha-tiest (whatever la) cookie you could imagine.

Okay, I have to tell you this, enough is enough. Enough eating, let us have a drink before leaving. (left) Thai tea ice cream blend RM16.90 (right) Lychee soda includes one scoop of lychee sorbet RM12.90. If I were to rate the Thai Tea , it is 5 out of 5.. it is so smooth, it just slips off your throat.


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Bye ~ ❤ trying to be the ambassadors hahahafile6

The interior..good for photos too ❤

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 4/5, price 3/5, environment 3/5, lava cookies 5/5 , Thai Tea 5/5, ice cream 4.5/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overrated**

Address : T30, Third Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya, PJ
Tel : 03-7731 6222
Opening hours : Daily 10am – 10pm
Creamery Boutique Ice Creams KL :  Facebook , website , Instagram

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