Have you tried Häagen-Dazs™ NEW Snow Skin ice cream Mid-Autumn mooncake : Royal Milk Tea flavor

An Ice Cream Lover would never say no to Häagen-Dazs ❤ Häagen-Dazs™ the super-premium ice cream brand introduces a new Snow Skin collection – an icy twist suitable for this Mid-Autumn festival amidst Malaysia’s eternal summer.  14100243_1263934320308047_938850051660743621_n

See what I brought home today !

This time , they have the Royal Milk Tea flavour. Okay win-liao.. I love milk tea too, now that I can have both , such a perfect blend of premium fresh and sweet Darjeeling tea and strong, malty and honey-like Assam tea to deliver the most delicate yet intense floral flavors.file4

*NEW* Snow Skin Collection
Available at RM 98 and contains 4 Snow Skin Ice Cream Mooncakes:

*NEW* Royal Milk Tea Ice Cream Mooncake
A very floral fragrant and velvety smooth taste of finest milk tea ice cream encased in a delicate Snow Skin – a truly artisanal ice cream creation.file1

Strawberry Ice Cream Mooncake
Sweet strawberries ice cream wrapped in a blushing Snow Skin for an absolutely refreshing treat.file

Green Tea Ice Cream Mooncake
Intensely calming the Green Tea Mooncakes delight with a rich and sweet matcha ice cream perfect for an evening of delicious contemplation.file2

Vanilla Ice Cream Mooncake
Classic Madagascan vanilla infused premium vanilla ice cream wrapped in delicate Snow Skin.file3

Classic Collection
Available at RM 115 and contains 4 Chocolate Coated Ice Cream Mooncakes:

*NEW* Royal Milk Tea Ice Cream Mooncake
The most delicate yet intensely floral Häagen-Dazs™ Royal Milk Tea ice cream coated in lush dark chocolate with a refreshing mango sorbet “yolk”.

Chocolate Ice Cream Mooncake
The iconic Häagen-Dazs™ mooncake – enjoy the finest chocolate ice cream crafted from the world’s best cocoa beans, with a bright mango sorbet “yolk” and enrobed in a flawless white chocolate coating.

Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Mooncake
Fresh Macadamia nuts plucked from sun kissed groves in Hawaii encased in rich ice cream and crisp shell of smooth strawberry chocolate with the signature mango center, a long-time fan favorite.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Mooncake
All natural buttery cookie crumbs blended with our super premium vanilla ice cream all set around the signature mango “yolk” in milk chocolate coating exuding pure indulgence.


Till 15 Sep
CIMB Card Holder Members 15% off
VIP members 20% off
T&Cs: All promotion are not to be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions, vouchers and/or VIP privileges, and at mooncake booths

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