BLVD House @ Naza Tower , KL

BLVD House,  the current dining trend in KL, which seems poised to be a seductive destination for food lovers and Instagrammers. So, here we go ! Gotta eat them all.. haha..

A picture with the signature classy BLVD revolving door is a must before entering the restaurant.
Image-1and guess who was there? MY best-evil-friend, Matthew Wong ! Welcome back Mr Wong. ❤Image-2

We didn’t get to enjoy the food as we like that night because BLVD only has two sessions for reservation, either 6pm-8pm or 8pm till late. Unfortunately, the latter session was fully booked, so we had our dinner in a hurry. You know it is quite impossible to be in KL at 6pm sharp, especially on a beautiful Friday evening. The waitress kept reminding us to finish up our food as soon as possible, this wasn’t pleasing. Eugenelina reached only at 730pm, and we had to leave by 8pm. WTH ~

However, their menu is extensive, food is delicious and best of all, affordable pricing ! They serve really good food, you can have the main course starts at RM20 and a good steak not more than RM150 Ringgit, worth 4/5 overall. The steak is a must try !

Our appetiser : Salad

Matthew’s steak.
Image-6my risottoImage-7Eugenelina’s salmonImage-5and our desserts ! Their desserts worth 4.5 stars over 5 rating too ❤
Image-4the rose is edible ❤Image-3Saliva drooling now? Try it out ! Highly recommended by Flyingindance.

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 2/5, price 3/5, environment 5/5, beverages 2/5, salmon 3/5, steak 5/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overrated**
Address : NAZA Tower, Platinum Park, No. 9, Persiaran KLCC ,Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2630 9999
Opening hours : 12pm- 11pm
BLVD House :  Facebook , Website

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