How to play Pokémon GO In Malaysia ? Pokémon GO cheats

If you want to be the best, you have to know how to play with the best ! Here are the 5 tips, tricks, and cheats to be the best trainer in the world !

My friends have been playing non-stop since Pokémon Go’s debut in Australia., and I’ve collected a pretty good list of tips and tricks to help you excel in Pokémon Go. Gotta catch ’em all !

1. How to get bonuses when throwing Poke balls?

When you try to catch a  Pokémon, the goal is to toss your ball inside the shrinking ring around them and have it land on the Pokémon’s head or nose. But there are special catch bonuses that can help improve (though not guarantee) your chances of keeping that Pokémon locked inside that Poké Ball rather than breaking free. (Credit : Pokemon go tips)


2. If your game crashes when catching a Pokemon, don’t worry!

It happens all the time for any other games too. Don’t fred, force quit the game and re-open it. you’ll either have automatically caught the Pokémon (check your Pokédex), or it will still be spawned and waiting for you.

3. Want to catch a lot of Pokemon quickly? try out the parking lots, however, go in pairs (you know Malaysia, play safe)

For whatever reason, Pokémon seems to love settling in parking lots — especially if they’re near PokéStops.My friend had luck seeing more than four common Pokémon show up on the lot, same goes to the petrol stations!

4. Want to hatch your egg as soon as possible? Move it around your room (you can hang your phone on the ceiling fan too haha)

No time and lazy to walk around for your egg to hatch, try moving your phone back and forth on your desk or around your office. haha, you could also put your phone on a cat, ceiling fan,bicycle, or even record player,but put at your own risk!

5. Match up Pokemon with their opposing types before a battle

Each creature has a primary type, which usually matches up to some sort of element. Follow these :
normal = fighting
Water =  electric, grass
Fire = water, ground, rock
Grass = fire, ice, poison, flying, bug
Poison = Ground, Psychic
Bug =  Fire, flying, rock
Ice =  Fire, fighting , rock, steel
Flying = Electric, Ice, rock

Don’t forget to play safe , during off hour and in pairs.
Are you a beginner? check this out it may help !
New to Pokemon Go and looking for some help getting started? Here’s our beginner’s guide!

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