8 Reasons why hottest girls are still single (for Malaysian women) based on true stories.

Not to brag, there are so many beautiful girls in Malaysia that are still single. They are not only gorgeous but also witty, sexy, well-spoken and smart. They have it all, and no we aren’t biased when we say pretty, we mean like really pretty.

These girls thrive in their careers and have huge senses of self-worth. They constantly receiving the question like “you  are single? like seriously?”. But yea, why are these hot ladies still on the market with no signs of being swooped up anytime soon? Here are 8 biggies from Flyingindance why hottest girls are still single:

Reason 1: They are not desperate

They do not like casual dates because it just seems like a waste of money, time and energy on a man they really can’t see themselves being with long term. It does not mean she is a lesbian or not interested in dating, it simply means she does not date for the sake of going on a date. She would rather put on a face mask, go to a spa, has a good gym sesh than participate in a forced date.

Reason 2: They have got big personalities

Girls are pretty inside out when they know their time. Nice girls turn up on time, stay sober, act interested and consider the fact that chemistry isn’t always immediate but that love can grow with patience. Katy says , “Sexy girls cancel on you because they didn’t get to bed until 5am the night before but promise to make it up to you.” True enough?

Reason 3: They are so picture-perfect

Photos are deceiving, even salt looks like sugar, especially on social media. Sometimes, a pretty face does not mean a pretty heart. They take so much energy to lie on their social media. Posting positive status and caption don’t make you a good person without practicing. I wish these girls could grasp the value of being genuine and honest with themselves. Sometimes the potential boyfriend gives up half way because they have unveiled your mask of deception.

Reason 4: They enjoyed being the center of attraction

Dust settles. Not hot, single women. They like receiving presents, bouquets and free trips from their admirers. They do not settle for one unless he is prince charming. They couldn’t give a damn what society expects of them, they want to dress however they want to, they want to go wherever they want to.

Reason 5: People thought they are already taken

Just because they are so hot, it is impossible to be single. And that suits them just fine.

Reason 6: They seem to have it all.

The hot yet witty girls, beauty , brains and a glowing personality are not easy to handle. Dating what could be a future wife can scare the living crap out of a guy. So, unfortunately for this hot single girl, most of the Malaysian guys she is dating are not ready for this, so they feel forced to call it quits before it begins. (this is what we called a man-ego, perhaps)

Reason 7: They know exactly what they want

I am sorry to say this but… most of the Malaysian pretty girls, especially those who go under the knife, they know exactly what they want. I ain’t saying they are a gold digger, but most of them cultivate a personal relationship in order to attain wealth.

Reason 8: They pretend to be single

A ridiculous one. Ever since social media comes in, Malaysian pretty girls tend not to reveal their partner hoping to get more followers on social media. There are many reasons why they choose to keep her dating life private : you are not the only man she is seeing, she hopes to keep her market open or the most ridiculous one – she hopes to get more likes on Facebook !

Hey guy, be smarter. When you see a pretty girl going on vacation with so many beautiful photos with her hashtag #solotrip , come on, unless she has a professional photographer tagging along !

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(Credit : Katy Horwood)

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