Essence by Triumph, a new perspective on lingerie.

It has been 130 years of evolution and dedication, have you found the one?

Essence by Triumph, designed for women (like me razz) who seek indulgent, glamorous, contemporary fashion combined with premium quality. I have found the one, I found Triumph since “they” appear in my life ❤ 找到它,美丽不用受闷气!  It was such a pleasure to be invited to an evening of elegance with Triumph at its new revamped Mid Valley boutique. Boutique Pic 3Established in Malaysia for over 43 years, the iconic global lingerie brand revamped its look with a new brand logo that emphasizes femininity and strength, solidifying its position as the leader in intimate apparel.

Look at the newly revamped boutique, how lovely it is ❤Boutique Pic 6

Every year , Triumph continues to redefine the lingerie industry and exceed consumer expectations with its tireless efforts in lingerie innovation. I guess this explains the reason of the customer loyalty too !

In 2016, Triumph’s most successful launch is the Magic Spacer, the first lingerie of its kind that offers the lightest, most airy experience ever . I have tried it myself, it feels just like we aren’t wearing anything , that awesomeness ❤

Boutique Pic 10

How could I not falling in love with the enchanting collections showcase elegant design, original colors, delicate lace and embroidery, as well as refined detailing of each and every lingerie that pampers the skin, thrill the senses and create a phenomenal wearing experience ❤

Now, I can walk with confidence and have an enchanting presence to make heads turn ! redface oops ..

let’s watch the vlog to check out their impeccably design ! Enjoy watching ~ lol

Can’t get enough? no worry, I have some photos for you here =)

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Well, the core strength of the Essence by Triumph brand is how it meets the demands of its discerning clientele in regard to comfort, fit, and fashion. That’s why perfecting the fit of each collection was the first step for the design team.

The delightful fresh collection has already garnered a huge number of fans with its uplifting magic design that provides all the capacity of a padded bra without the weight.

Triumph is also highlighting its couture collection, embellished with dazzling Swarovski Crystals elements over delicate mesh fabric with lovely lace trims; Essence by Triumph is an alluring collection that offers beauty, passion and desire that caresses your senses.

Triumph is proud to deliver such exquisite lingerie that boasts European heritage and expertise but yet made to fit the Asian body frame after years of understanding the Asian consumers. I really love these iconic fashion fused with mystery craftsmanship, every piece is a breathtaking one ❤

Get fitted today !

Triumph Mid Valley
Address : F-083 First Floor Mid Valley Megamall, Persiaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-2282 0410
Opening hours : 10am-10pm daily
Triumph : Facebook , Website

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    Gorgeous collection


    1. Yes babe, very comfy as well ❤


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