Flyingindance meets Casio EX-Fr100 : my two months user experience (part 2)

Hello again ! I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 , in this editorial I am going to tell you more. Just a little recap : It has been two months after using EX-FR 100, by exploring and experimenting with this outdoor + selfie camera , I would like to share with you, my personal user experience. As you know, I only do the REAL review, not faking/making stories.

For your information ,
User experience (UX) refers to a person’s total experience using a particular product, system or service. The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother.
user-experience-vs-designThe photo above looks a little sarcastic, but this is exactly what I am going to share with you, my personal user experience.

Point three 3 :
EX-FR 100 has a smaller 12MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor (as opposed to 14MP on the FR10). Its image quality and shooting performance is greatly improved through the use of Casio’s advanced dual-core HS Engine 3 processor. It can shoot 30fps stills manually or make use of Intelligent Interval shooting, where the camera will capture “more than 100 frames” and then choose the best shot to keep.

Flyingindance’s User Experience 3
So now you will be asking, from a girl’s point of view, why do I choose EX-FR 100 than any TR? I have three answers for you.
1. The price
First, if you are getting a TR, it will cost you around RM3-4K. Second, an action camera costs around RM1-2K, BUT, EX-FR100 is only RM2K+, which is a combination of both beauty selfie and action camera . Think it again, which one worths your penny?

2. The beauty mode
I think this will be the main concern for girls. Well, I don’t have a TR, but my friends around me are using TR. The difference between TR & FR , if you are a real user, you will know, TR is for SELFIE while FR is for WEFIE. Here are two pictures taken by EX-FR100 without any help from anyone, we put the detachable module on the table and staircase railing. You may check out the videos of the interior from my vlog (picture 1 , picture 2)to find out more.

They looked like taken by a professional photographer isn’t it?EX-FR 100 shoots 30fps stills manually or make use of Intelligent Interval shooting,so the camera will capture “more than 100 frames” to choose the best wefie shot to keep. How amazing ❤ biggrin

3. The super-wide-angle
Yea, need no to mention, the super-wide-angle is for wefie purposes, but if you use it right, you can get the super long leg effect from the camera too ! Shhh, this is a secret. lolPeople thought I am 170cm , but I am only 161cm. No need to edit your legs using a mobile app anymore, I uploaded them straight from my EX-FR 100. You must be wondering how does the camera make my legs look longer even though I was sitting ( because you can’t edit a sitting pose using your mobile apps rolleyes )

I can be 170cm too !

Point four 4 :
Auto-Highlighting Feature . Rather amazingly, the camera is capable of analyzing a set of photos and videos, picking out the best, and then automatically stitching them together into an easily shareable video – complete with theme music and smooth transitions between both photos and video clips. With the FR100, CASIO’s added a bit more intelligence to the feature, and it can now discern quality, focus, and a variety of a given set of shots (user-selected by date) before auto-compiling into highly shareable clips of 15, 30, or 60 seconds (or a photo collage).

Flyingindance’s User Experience 4 : 
This is simply too cool, I have saved up a lot of time collaging photos ! Check out these short clips to understand better. It takes just 1 minute to process the highlighting photo/video, amazingly fast !

Want to find out more? check out part 1 & 3 lol.

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