Flyingindance meets Casio EX-Fr100 : my two months user experience (part 1)

Hello readers, thank you for waiting patiently for my Casio Exilim Fr 100 review. You know I am doing my best to explore this new outdoor + selfie camera just to share with you the very personal user experience.

For your information, I have received this cute little white colour toy since 24th March 2016. I was so excited when it was launched in Malaysia. I have been wanting to buy a TR camera (a camera that can turn a pork chop *ugly woman* to a beautiful swam *goddess*), yet I was so reluctant to get it just because TR camera really costs a bomb to my purse.  I am very grateful to receive the invitation from my sister’s bestie Miss FuiFui, to attend Casio EX-FR100 launching to know more about this new toy. Because of her, I am addicted to it. Seriously I just can’t leave this cutie FR100 at home, I bring it wherever I go. I even feel insecure if I don’t bring it with me, now you know how much I love my new toy ❤

It has been close to two months since I started using FR100, I feel so sorry to my ZR1500 that I have been putting it aside ever since I have gotten this new toy. So now, after two months experiencing FR100, I would like to share with my dearest readers on my very own user experience with you. As you know, I only do the REAL review, not faking/making stories.

For your information ,
User experience (UX) refers to a person’s total experience using a particular product, system or service. The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother.
The photo above looks a little sarcastic, but this is exactly what I am going to share with you, my personal user experience.

Before I start breaking down the pros and cons about EX-FR100, I would like to congrats Casio for having such fantastic detachable outdoor camera. For the past two months, I was having really great time with the aid of EX-FR100, no fuss or bother even when I was travelling, it allows me to shoot from unexpected angles.Thank you Casio ! ❤

Point one 1
FR100’s mountable camera with a detachable Bluetooth-connected module that functions as a viewfinder, touchscreen controller , and playback device. This camera comes with many accessories that can let you attach the detachable module anywhere you like to get you an unlimited shooting experience. It has a hinged stand so it can be placed on surfaces and mounted on objects or oneself with the controller acting as a remote.

Flyingindance’s User Experience 1
For girls like me, whom always don up like a doll, we do not have a big bag to carry so many gadgets or accessories. We would rather keep cosmetic, mirror, eyelashes glue , sunglasses or lotion in our handbag than bringing so many camera-related accessories. However, the good point about this detachable module, I actually do not need to bring any extra accessories. Let me show you one of my recent photo taken by myself using EX-FR100 with their detachable function.
Love my photo ? and my long legs? LOLz, many thanks to my new photographer > the Mr. flower pot, hahaha… cool innit? Just a flower pot will do, no need to bring along so many gadgets to make your bag heavier ! I was hiding the remote on my right hand behind another flower pot lolz. Call me selfie queen :-P.
Image-1Look at the detachable module, it is a yoga master, you can place or mount it on any objects.

We even hooked it on the bra redface !

Point two 2
Shock resistance (withstanding drops of 1.7 meters or 1.3 meters when connected to controller) and also dust and water resistantWell,  with EX-FR100 outdoor recorder, just like their slogan “Go ADVENTURE”, perhaps not cater too much for wingsuiters or back-flipping BMXers, it is designed for people like us, those who would like to easily and creatively capture, summarize, and share the mundane-to-most but precious-to-us moments of life.

Flyingindance’s User Experience 2
Absolutely right ! Video camera used to be very bulky and heavy, but with this cute little white toy EX-FR100, I can now create my own videos (vlog) simply holding it with one hand. I have a more lively editorial content now compared to last time, because of the light-weight and portable outdoor camera + super-wide-angle 16mm (35mm equivalent). Who needs a videographer anymore when you have EX-FR 100? Check our my Bangkok Trip Videos to find out the real quality taken by EX-FR 100. No additional colour / filter needed, only added some text messages and background music to make the video more interesting. And yes, those videos are 80% single-hand-held , simply love their stabilization.

The first video was my very first time using it one handed to introduce the Teddy Bear Cafe. You can see it from the shadow of EX-FR 100 at time 0:07 . I wasn’t too familiar with the camera yet I find it very easy to use. The quality of the video surprised me !

Then, I had my second, third and fourth videos from Bangkok. I fell in love with EX-FR 100 so deeply that I brought it to Bangkok with me. Not too worry about Songkran, it is waterproof anyway wink !

How was it? If you are considering getting the camera, you have to watch the videos to check out the real output instead of watching from the pro or TV commercial.

Want to find out more? check out part 2 & 3 lol.

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