3 days 2 nights Bangkok Girls Trip : Part 1

Well, Bangkok will always be the first choice when you have a little money to pamper yourself. Don’t you agree with me? Working and studying + blogging can be stressful, life gives me a lemon , no one to turn to, I have gone crazy.

One fine Sunday, I rang Eugenelina, and we had this ad-hoc travel plan. Then, we created a Whatsapp group called “BKK GIRLS TRIP”, invited both Angeline and Angelica, and off we go ! Seriously it was such an amazing girl group that they can say yes on the spot and the next thing we bought the air tickets! One word : Cool ! Girls you rock ❤

Our itinerary was really easy . Basically, we had no plan, other than shopping and cafe hopping ! I did the 3d2n itinerary at A&W, and shared it in the “BKK GIRLS TRIP”. The coolest thing about the 3 girls, they will never say no, whatever you suggest, they will be always ONZ ! How do I don’t love you, girls? I just can’t wait for our next trip now ❤

Check out this vlog created by Angeline Loo, and subscribe to her channel if you love her and travelling ! She will be travelling around the world and be recording everything she sees with you through her channel.

I hope you enjoy watching !

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