Bangkok Cafe Hopping Part 1 : Unicorn Cafe

Do you know there is a Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok? I was thrilled when Mikayo told me about this cafe, instead of Hello Kitty, I would prefer Unicorn. I am just not a Hello Kitty person, don’t ask me why.

So, we decided to put this cafe into our itinerary. From our hotel , Marriot Chidlom to Unicorn Cafe took us about 20-30 minutes due to the heavy traffic, and the taxi fare was about 100THB. ( I will be sharing with you the taxi fare rate per minute in the coming editorial)

To our surprise, this Unicorn cafe was quite small, unlike what  we expected from the photos we have seen from Instagram. We were quite disappointed at first, but the photos and videos came out RIGHT ! I have to say, this cafe is pretty photogenic ! hahaha..

This is how it looks (the facade) , well, horrible innit?


However, thanks to the lighting , the photos and videos turned out really nice ! I think this is a good place for cafe hopping = stop by for a short drink.

Let’s watch the video I have done for you, to have a better view of the entire cafe ~ ❤

The video looks lovely innit? It is taken by Casio Exilim FR100, my new toy ❤ (review will be up soon too) !


One thing, their waffle is actually good ! We finished everything in 5 minutes and wanted to order a few more, sadly our flight was delayed for 2 hours, so we were running out of time.

selfie time !! hooray ~ another plus point for this cafe, you can wear their unicorn costume for free, yes FREE !
two retarded adults here , lol.

However, the costume is a little yucky . Too many irresponsible customers made the costume so stinky and dirty.

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Flyingindance’s rating : Service 3/5, price 1/5, environment 3/5, waffle/dessert 4/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overated**
Address: 44/1 ซอย สาทร 8 สีลม Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Hours: 12-8pm
Unicorn Cafe : Facebook , Instagram

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