Japanese High Tea Trend : Tea Press Japanese Roasters @ Damansara Uptown

Good news for the high tea lovers ~ If you have lost your interest in English High Tea just like me, you have a better place to visit now ! Well, it’s okay not being able to visit Japan for this beautiful Cherry Blossom in Japan, actually getting Japanese High Tea is pretty awesome too ❤

The casual venue and interior design feature are things that make Tea Press easily recognizable and different from other of the same type. This is good for uninitiated customers like me , to go in there and not feel intimidated.

Amane the tea lover (yes she brought me there), enjoyed her every sip of Sakura Tea. The price range is between RM10-20.

To compliment the tea, we had their authentic desserts ❤ The best one was the Sakura Mochi Rice Cake with a red bean paste centre (RM5). We didn’t know that the cherry blossom leaf was edible ….hahaha!

warabimochi bracken starch jelly covered with sweet soybean flour (RM7)
Strawberry Daifuku (RM5)

Delectable ❤ Thanks to Ami Sugiyama and her awesome team of Japanese and Malaysian crews for bringing us such a unique Japanese High Tea experience in Kuala Lumpur.

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 3/5, price 3/5, environment 2/5, Sakura Tea 3/5, air-conditioning 1/5 (a little stuffy) , dessert 4/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overated**

address : 46 G, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 (3) 7732 0858 | +60 (3) 8021 5196
Opening hours : 11:ooAM-10:00PM (Damansara Uptown) Tuesday – Sunday (DaMen Shopping Mall) Monday – Sunday
Tea Press : Instagram , Facebook, Website

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  1. Apple Berry says:

    Sounds good to me about this cafe. And the photos that you share really attract me to give a try. Will check this out. 😁


    1. Yes dear, I myself think it is something new and good to try. English high tea is just too ordinary haha~ Thank you for reading ~


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