Delectable HQ Dessert café @ Glasshouse, Taman Seputeh

Have you ever tried Delectable by Su? You will definitely love their Durian cake (if you love Durian like as much as I do) . They have a small but mouthwatering collection of recipes, not only that, their cakes and dessert are always enchanting, that is why it is called Delectable Dessert Cafe.
Oh ,look at their pastry and packaging design ! So colourful and cute. I kinda like the delicate pastel shades of the entire cafe, simply sweet !
IMG_5307I used to “dapao” (take away) their cakes , simply because Delectable was merely a small counter / booth last time. Now that they opened their HQ in Glasshouse Seputeh, I can enjoy the hot food and desserts at this scenic greenery environment. IMG_5299
This place is still quite quiet and the best part is there is ample parking space ! hehe good for girls , you know that.

Have a look at their menu, the price is very reasonable, another plus point for Su.

Delectable by Su , menu

Some of the desserts are not listed in the menu, so you have to walk to the counter to check out.

IMG_5302IMG_5304Pretty quite sinful for everything they have here , but girls, eat first, exercise later ❤IMG_5309
This restaurant was very cosy. You can see my boy was busy checking out what to eat.
He ordered the pasta. So yummy ! The 3 of us didn’t eat, we were still full over the high tea (yes, it was the same day right after the high tea). Obviously, the high tea wasn’t really pleasant that explained why we were here.
by looking at the crowd you can tell that they really serve comforting food and desserts. A little noisy though ~ hahaha

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We actually had a glass of Ribenna Lychee, chamomile tea and cafe latte. Nothing really special about the beverages so I didn’t take any photo of them.

Before we left, I took a photo outside their toilet. Haha yes, it’s the passage way to the toilet.

Flyingindance’s rating : Service 2/5, price  3/5, environment 3/5, Ribenna Lychee 2/5, cafe latte 2/5, tea 3/5, pasta 4/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overated**

address :Level 2, Glasshouse Seputeh. 103 Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, 50460, KL.
Tel : +6012 508 1855
Opening hours : 10aM–6pM (weekday) , 10am-11pm (Fri-sun)
Delectable by Su’s social media : Facebook , Website

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