Makeup tips for beginners : Maybelline Make It Happen

They said money can’t buy happiness, to certain extends, I agree with that. BUT, sometimes when I am sad, I put on makeup. It lifts my spirits and empowers me. Sometimes it is just that simple to cheer up a girl. Don’t you agree with me?

Please do not ask me questions like these again and again : ” Nicole, why is your life so happening?” , ” how do I get your look?” , ” how to be an attractive woman like you?”
Well  girls, as the saying goes : The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy. So, take my advice, get up and bring home some cosmetics, you will look good just like me and every Instagram-girls you see on your cell phone. However, even miracles  take a little time, you have to give yourself some time to learn how to put on a good makeup. When you are happy with your look, your confidence comes along. And then, you will be asked for a date real soon ,this is how you make it happens!

This is my look-of-the-day using Maybelline Makeithappen series.
Here I have some tips for you :

Step 1 Face :
If you enjoy outdoor activities. don’t sweat the details. Try out Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder RM29.90 to stay City-proof.


It is a one-step solution to whiter and fresher complexion that lasts up to 12 hours. This liquid-to-powder foundation glides on like a liquid foundation and finishes off in a lightweight powder that wicks away oil, sweat and sebum. It also protecting your skin with its SPF50 PA++ formula.

Step 2 Eyes:
Tone everything else down so that your eyes charm and captivate. I love to do more on my eyes than everything else. Try out Maybelline Hypersharp Powerblack Liner RM25.90 & Magnum Barbie Mascara RM35.90. 

Something good about this Hypersharp PowerBlack eyeliner  : its no-smudge no-smear waterproof formula that makes us carefree even if we are out the whole day, we are in control for defined and intense eyes. Then, coat your lashes for extreme length with Magnum Barbie Mascara. Its new Doll-it-up brush that picks up lashes for the fluffiest volume makes your barbie doll-dream comes true ! When you have got lashes that go up, up, up, there’s only one thing to do – flaunt it.

Step 3 Lips:
Finish off your new look with the Rosy Matte Lipstick RM25.9 . Slick it on your lips and you can conquer the world ..hehehe I meant , conquer your man ! Putting on a lipstick will instantly change your day look from the girl next door to the girl in FHM magazine ! So, let the lips do all the talking in the most stunning matte texture.


Well, a simple 3 steps makeup that can make heads turn ! I hope you like my daily look makeup tips for beginners. I would like to take this opportunities to thank Maybelline Malaysia for having me at Maybelline #MakeIThappen launch, else I will not be able to share these simple makeup tips with you.

Check out this video for the event :

Glad to meet #nanabwincess in person too, she looks the same in photos ..hmm I am just trying to say she didn’t edit her photos at all. Pretty !
Of course,all around me were the familiar faces that made me laughing no stop throughout the event.

Flyingindance’s rating : Magnum Barbie Mascara 4/5, Hypersharp power black eyeline 3/5, rosy matte lipstick 3/5, white superfresh liquid powder 3/5, price 3/5
*1= poor , 2= average , 3 =good , 4 = very good, 5= excellent*
**1= cheap , 2=average , 3= good , 4 = expensive , 5= overated**

Maybelline’s social media : Facebook , Instagram


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